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You have these moments when you feel you have accomplished something, you sit back, look at it, smile.

Tracetec, one of our reseller’s clients, a site completely done in Flash. A total nightmare when it comes to SEO. No text for search engines to crawl, always a bit of a challenge. The site itself, is amazingly done in Flash, almost a very futuristic look to it, something that reminds you of transformers or space movies 🙂

A great product as well, they offer a vehicle tracking and recovery product at almost a quarter of what the bigger companies can offer their products. Try to compete as a relatively new entry into the market is always a bit of a tough time, everyone thinks Tracker, or Netstar since we have the TV adverts during supper time, or between your favourite series playing.

So, a little bit of research into the most popular keywords internationally, mixed with a bit of local research, a great set of combination keywords were signed off, content was written, and we began the task. 2 weeks after implementation, still nothing to show the client within the top 100 results for each keyword. A little more digging, a really great authority link, a few press releases, content based links, and they are now not only ranking extremely well within the various local SE’s, but increased online enquiries about the product as well.

You have these moments, you get the tough ones, you get the easy ones, you get the ones you think to yourself, oh my, what have i gotten myself into, then when it finally kicks in, Great!

Have a look, TraceTec

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