A house divided cannot stand

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Clients like to meddle in operations that they think they know about. Unfortunately, they can mess up PPC campaigns or even SEO efforts by making minor edits to their Adwords account or small changes to their website after optimisation is complete. Clients need to realise that when they have put a task in your hands that is where they need to leave it. By interfering with their online marketer’s efforts, they may destroy the momentum that has been built up after many hours of hard work.

It’s common for clients to want to be active in their online marketing ventures, even when they have outsourced the work to a search engine marketing company for skilled assistance. Communication and interaction is encouraged between client and company, however, clients need to realise that if they pay professionals to do the work, then they should let them get on with it. It is clear that the reason clients hire industry professionals is because they don’t know the industry like we do, which is the exact reason why they need to leave the reins in our hands, so that we can do what we do best.

Often clients will make edits to their Adwords accounts without informing their SEM company, which can cause havoc with their results. They believe that the changes they make are harmless, but because of the technicalities involved with PPC advertising (and search engine optimisation), they have no idea of the detrimental effect that these changes can have on their account’s performance. The same goes for website changes that the client may make. These can upset the optimisation strategies that SEM companies have put in place. Even if the client simply changes one page of copy, they could loose any ranking ability that may have been set up for that page/keyword.

Some online marketers go as far as including a clause in their contracts stating that if the client makes any changes to the account, besides billing info, it is then a violation of the agreement and they are no longer responsible for the outcome of the account’s performance (in the case of PPC).

In order for online marketing to perform optimally, the client and the online marketing company need to be united in their efforts and communicate the things they are not happy with or where they would like changes to be made. This allows skilled search marketers to give clients valuable advice on how changes may affect the site’s standings in the search engines and advise them on the best solution to achieve the desired results.

Too many cooks really do spoil the broth.

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