5 Tips For Coaxing Your Client To Make The International Leap

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5 Tips In Coaxing Your Client To Make The International Leap

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A company’s most important asset is its customers. Client service is a fundamental part of our jobs and it’s critical to the success of any business. At MediaVison, our agency really is an extension of our clients’ marketing team. We are fully aware of the fact that if we do not look after our clients, someone else will! We have built great client relationships that have been nurtured carefully over time. We grow with our clients and their success truly is our success!

Thankfully due to this, our clients like and trust us so the investment made in nurturing these relationships puts us in that favourable situation whereby they (mostly) take our advice on board with little hesitation! A key focus area for us, especially with the World Cup looming, is internationalisation. Most of our ecommerce clients are well prepared with existing internationalised websites and strategies, but there are some who are not. It’s a scary thought at first, with the technical and language considerations, but it’s not that scary once you convince them of the benefits. My colleague Marius recently wrote a blog post about Internationalising your SEO Strategy  . Here are some personal tips on how to go about convincing your clients to do this:

1. Put Yourselves In Their Shoes – Be The Client!


At MediaVision, our strategists are an extension of the client’s marketing team. We represent them within the agency and we must always have their best interests (and of course, business objectives) at heart.

We know the brand and understand the objectives to advise accordingly. Our clients are paying for our digital expertise and expect us to advise on solutions to drive results. It is our job to question decisions. It will gain us respect in the long run, and this respect strengthens relationships!

2. Get Visual and Educate

Don’t send an email, set up a meeting. Spending time with the client is invaluable for building that relationship. Explain in detail all the benefits of undertaking such a strategy. Talk through the pros and cons and how you can help. Use case studies to illustrate your point.

Our client contacts are not always from technical backgrounds. Although clients are often really keen to know the technical detail, this information needs to be distilled to a level of understanding that everybody can digest. Speak their language; this will help grow the relationship by instilling trust.

3. Get the developers / development agency on board

You need to adapt your website to reach an international audience; once your development team / agency are on -board, you are in a stronger position to build a business case to present to the client. As this will require extra budget it’s important to make sure you are on the same page and you have a solid plan in place.

4. Eliminate the Risk

An integrated project plan is needed to ensure that the redirection strategy is a success and as risk free as possible. There are many technical SEO elements that need to be considered, so full collaborationng with the development team is necessary. With a solid plan of action in place you will be able to prepare the client and give them some peace of mind that you are all over it. Keep it simple, don’t use technical jargon and keep them in the loop at all key points in time.

5. Exceed expectations


Once you have gained the trust of your client on an important project that may have required a substantial investment on their behalf, it’s important to go above and beyond. The most effective client service is always striving to go the extra mile in terms of service and delivery. Many agencies deliver what is required and that is it. By showing that you care enough to go beyond the brief, you are strengthening your relationship and making your agency indispensable!

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