Celebrating 10 Years

Content Marketing & PR

When great ideas strike we act, and we had the awesome idea of launching a campaign around our 10th Birthday to help drive brand awareness – with only 6-weeks to conceptualise and execute the whole thing! Piece of cake.

All we needed to do was plan methodically, be amazing, harness Content Marketing, Digital PR and Social Media in the most effective way and come up with a killer angle to tie the whole thing together. Happy Birthday to us!

The Brief

It’s common for digital marketing agencies to suffer from ‘plumber’s leaky pipe’ syndrome and neglect doing work for their own brand because they’re too busy focusing on clients. So we made the decision to give this campaign some serious attention. Using the overarching concept of evolution in the digital marketing industry, we focussed on how our own agency had changed in 10 years and broke the campaign up into phases that also covered topics like SEO, Social Media, Digital PR & Content Marketing.

The Details

The goal of the campaign was to raise brand awareness as well as inform, educate and entertain through unique insight into the MediaVision brand. We targeted past and current clients as well as industry experts. Content was the obvious backbone of the whole thing. We created informative and entertaining pieces that illustrated the evolution of our own agency and changes to the Digital Marketing Industry as a whole. Our promo strategy relied on distribution using Social Media and Digital PR to succeed.

Introducing the Campaign

Everything started with the creation of our “Celebrating 10 Years” collateral & branding. We published a launch blog post detailing what our audience could look forward to in the coming weeks and produced a short video featuring our CEO, Louis Venter and Director, Thomas Schonenberger discussing the 10 Things they’d learnt running a digital agency for 10 years. Then we asked all our Heads of Department for insight on the future of digital marketing and created a blog post.

Gaining Momentum with Great Content

During the campaign we planned, researched and created some great resources that showcased the evolution of digital marketing.
Check them out:

Then & Now: How Much Has Digital Marketing Changed?
Looking Back, Moving Forward – Google’s Evolution
Information Now: The Evolution of Search & SEO
From Virtual Sheep to Sponsored Tweets: The Evolution of Social Media
#PR Requests & Twitter Pitches: The Evolution of PR
10 Things We’ve Learnt in 2014 – Series

Spreading the Word

We used social to help promote and distribute content for this campaign and repurposed pieces for distribution via other channels and platforms. Our team is awesome. Not only did they let us share pictures of them from 10 years ago, they also pushed content on their own social accounts which increased engagement. Our Evolution of Social Media infographic had the biggest impact with a total of 533 shares. We promoted select pieces to expand reach and visibility or the campaign.

The Power of Digital PR

Our Digital PR team sold in specific pieces of content to industry relevant editorials and blogs, securing a number of features in high authority publications, and we saw an awesome spike in referral traffic from these sources. The highest ranking PR hits showcased the Evolution of Social Media infographic and were secured in Hubspot, Adweek, MediaBistro and MarketingLand.

What we Learnt

It doesn’t matter how great the content is if there isn’t a solid promo strategy in place.

The Results

Great content and strategic promotional tactics helped us gain a steady increase in key metrics during the campaign period.

Increase in<br>Referral Traffic during Campaign
Increase in<br>Overall Traffic during Campaign
Increase in<br>Social Referrals during Campaign
New Linking<br>Root Domains during Campaign, and counting
Total New Backlinks<br>during Campaign, and counting
Increase in<br>Warm Leads due to Increased Brand Exposure
  • MV-10-YR-Google-Evolution
  • MV-10-YR-PR-Evolution-1.1
  • MV-10-YR-SOCIAL-Evolution-1.1
  • MV-SEO-Evolution-1.3

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