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The Hobbs woman is a professional that values high-end clothing and wants a store where she can purchase both professional work attire and on-trend items.

The Brief

We had already driven a great deal of growth through SEO and paid media in an award-winning campaign when Hobbs challenged us to increase new customer acquisition and hit an ambitious revenue target.

The Strategy

We responded by launching an intensely granular and creative multi-layered onsite SEO, digital PR and paid media strategy.

We knew that identifying areas of the country that were highly profitable at a granular level would be important for paid and PR, so we visually mapped conversion data at an individual postcode level and overlaid it onto a map of the UK. This allowed us to visually identify the best conversion hot spots.

Onsite SEO

  • By analysing key trends and cross-referencing stock levels, we added a further layer to the information architecture by building and merchandising these pages ourselves, including custom interlinking.
  • Then we created set of seasonal pages which would drive high converting traffic over each season.
  • By building custom software that would create breadcrumb overrides, we could bring additional pages into the IA, which was a massive win that saw rankings improve almost immediately.
  • We also developed best practice implementation for ‘out of stock’ items that resulted in us reclaiming several thousand links that were pointing towards soft 404 pages.

Digital PR

  • The digital PR team worked towards maximising link acquisition and securing a high volume of links from publications relevant to Hobbs’ target audience.
  • By working closely with the SEO team to target search trends and seasonal factors, all PR activity was aligned to ensure maximum traffic to the Hobbs site and an improved backlink profile.
  • To remain one step ahead of the press, the team did extensive research on seasonal trends and fed in relevant content while journalists were planning and writing their digital edits and features.

Paid Media

  • We used our map visualisation to make informed decisions on budget and impression shares within valuable areas.
  • A seasonal analysis helped us identify which items sold best, when, and enables us to create effective seasonally targeted shopping campaigns.
  • A trial with a well-known 3rd party remarketing provider produced outstanding results and was a fundamental piece of the ‘new customer acquisition ‘puzzle.
    We segmented audiences by origin/source and targeted them via RLSA (Search and Shopping) as well as Dynamic Remarketing – this was integrated into our new customer acquisition strategy to target new users at different stages of the conversion funnel.

The Results

Between August 2016 & 2017 we managed to exceed every single goal. Traffic from search grew by 23% YoY, over 600 backlinks were secured though Digital PR and revenue from search grew by 19%.

YOY traffic increase from search
Increase in revenue from search
Improvement in bounce rate
Increase in new users
Number of backlinks achieved

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