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From dormant to a 300% increase in social reach with Aquascutum.
What do you do when a brand comes back from the brink but no one knows about it? That’s the challenge we faced when luxury fashion label Aquascutum went under administration in 2012 and then got revived by YGM Trading a month later. We had to alter audience perception and let them know the brand was very much back in business, but damage had already been done in the press and online. That’s when we stepped in for a Digital Brand Relaunch and a Digital PR campaign which had great results. At the same time, we decided to revive their virtually dormant social profiles.

The Brief

Social media was one of our primary strategies behind Aquascutum’s digital comeback in 2013. After discovering that their Facebook and Twitter accounts were inactive, we knew that relaunching them would play a key role in reigniting consumer love for the brand. Our goal was to get the tone and balance right – we were dealing with a heritage brand over 160 years old that needed a fresh new look for the future. Integrating older audiences with a new one was key.

The Details

An iconic British fashion label for more than 160 years, Aquascutum rivalled fashion heavyweights like Burberry until the company fell into administration in 2012. Despite the fact that the company was acquired by YGM that same year, they were simply unable to match the social media success of their competitors.

Refreshing Facebook & Twitter

Step one was to get Facebook and Twitter up and running again. We knew a legacy like Aquascutum would still be highly interesting to a large audience – they just needed a way to connect. So we collaborated with Aquascutum’s marketing team to reintroduce the brand on social. This all tied in with the exciting lead up to the launch of their new store on Great Marlborough Street.

Building Anticipation

During the build up to the store launch we built anticipation and gave the brand maximum exposure by integrating Aquascutum’s offline campaigns into our social content. We shared images of their offline Tube campaign and promoted in-store competitions using the hashtag #WestEndComeback.

Return to Social Media

Aquascutum’s return to London’s West End also marked their return to social. The spike in page likes and engagement across their profiles laid the groundwork for our social strategy going into Christmas and New Year. In the run up to the festive season we helped push sale promotions by using beautiful imagery and info to persuade the ever-growing social following to check out the fashion and desire it – inevitably leading to purchases. We highlighted must-have items from every part of the collection, maintaining the brand’s signature luxury tone, and our efforts had a direct impact on their sales and foot traffic into the store in December.

New Beginnings for Aquascutum Social

It felt good starting a new year off strong with Aquascutum. Who are we kidding, it felt GREAT! Their revived social presence had gained serious momentum in growth and engagement and it’s been on an upward trend ever since. We appealed to a broader audience and maintained the careful balance between their heritage brand legacy and their new digital image by posting a combination of vintage imagery, current designs, exclusive previews and upcoming collections. Older generation Aquascutum fans were pleased and a younger target audience was hooked. Social analytics continues to look good, and we continue to love working on this brand.

MediaVision’s First Aquascutum Facebook post:

The Exclusive Blogger Party at the Great Marlborough Street store:

A Post from Aquascutum’s Vintage Image Archive:

The Results

The power of connecting on social is astounding. We saw almost immediate success on Aquascutum’s Social Media Campaign.

Increase in Social Contributed Sales
Increase in Visits from Social Media
Increase in<br>Social Reach


“Since we began our relationship with MediaVision, the website’s Digital Marketing has gone from strength to strength. A key highlight is our total organic search traffic, which has experienced a 120% growth in comparison to the previous season. As the results show, Media Vision outperforms across every area. This is the best digital marketing agency with whom I have had the pleasure of working. Highly professional, creative and constantly benchmarking Aquascutum’s digital needs whilst respecting the core brief and business objectives.”

Emma Godfrey, eCommerce Manager – Aquascutum

“When I joined the brand at the start of 2013, one of the issues I wanted to address was our online strategy. A year later, everything digital has been overhauled. We’re now in a much stronger position that is in line with our overall brand strategy and I’m very happy with the work MediaVision have done for us.”

Mark Taylor, Chief Operating Officer – Aquascutum

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