Digital Brand Relaunch

Our work with this iconic British fashion label got us shortlisted for a Marketing Week Engage Award!
Aquascutum is Latin for ‘water shield’. That’s because founder John Emary produced and patented the world’s first waterproof material to make trench coats worn by the British military during WW2. Over 160 years later, the iconic trench is a fashion cornerstone and Aquascutum is one of the finest luxury brands in Britain.
When the time came for the brand to fully transition into online media, they appointed us with their digital brand re-launch in 2013.
We kept it cool on the outside. Inside we did a fist bump.

The Brief

Aquascutum entered administration in 2012 after breathing life into fashion for over a century. Luckily, the iconic label was acquired by YGM Trading who own the global brand rights today. Unfortunately the liquidation legacy affected Aquascutum, and by 2013 a significant amount of shoppers were under the impression that the business had disappeared completely. That’s when we stepped in. The goal was to target new audiences, re-introduce the brand online and position it as embodiment of British design and heritage.

The Details

Rediscovering a Luxury Brand

When we started working on the campaign, Aquascutum had a minimal digital presence. We set out to discover the brand’s strength by creating a digital SWOT and audience analysis to compare its standing in the luxury fashion market before and after administration. We also investigated competitors to gain insights into the industry.

Fine Tuning the Website

We ensured the website was fine-tuned for performance by making sure the technical and content elements were outstanding. We also worked closely with Aquascutum’s development agency, Design UK, to help roll out a new site and manage the redirection strategy between the old and new platform.

Reconnecting with Consumers

Our main strategic goal was to reverse the public perception that Aquascutum was still in administration, but we also wanted to bridge the generational gap that seemed to have appeared within their consumer base.

In line with our strategic insight of Aquascutum as a timeless brand, we used their unique ‘vintage’ archive to excite the blogging community. That led to dramatic improvements in their backlink profile, the domain trust and deep link ratio. The combination of these technical and creative tactics resulted in an immediate uplift.

Taking the Campaign Further

While the non-brand campaign was a great success over a relatively short space of time, the brand search and direct traffic segments were still lagging behind. It was time to support the offline marketing efforts so that we could connect to past customers through Digital PR and Social. We put this forward to Aquascutum and in November 2013, we were appointed to run both the Social and Digital PR for Aquascutum. Best day ever.

The Results

We managed to reignite audience interest in Aquascutum online with a non-brand SEO campaign that had great success in a relatively short amount of time by focusing on premium brand searches – the results speak for themselves.

Traffic Growth<br>over the last 6 months
Overall Search Traffic Growth Year On Year
Growth in Revenue over the last 6 months
Return On Investment


“Since we began our relationship with MediaVision, the website’s Digital Marketing has gone from strength to strength. A key highlight is our total organic search traffic, which has experienced a 120% growth in comparison to the previous season. As the results show, Media Vision outperforms across every area. This is the best digital marketing agency with whom I have had the pleasure of working. Highly professional, creative and constantly benchmarking Aquascutum’s digital needs whilst respecting the core brief and business objectives.”

Emma Godfrey, eCommerce Manager – Aquascutum

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