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Amoena is a post-mastectomy lingerie brand and the target audience is anyone that has experienced a mastectomy or knows someone who is experiencing one.

The Brief

Amoena challenged MediaVision to deliver an international implementation strategy with a lower budget than the previous year. The business also wanted a heavy focus on the US where they were aiming to gain market presence.

The Strategy

We developed a multi-channel strategy that included paid media, SEO and content. This was to be delivered across seven countries in six languages, so we knew that local insight was paramount. To deliver, we worked closely with regional country managers to articulate each idea, then with regional experts to ensure the language and positioning of all advertising hit the mark.


We worked with Amoena’s tech platform partner to deliver a new technical compliance roadmap, implement redirection strategies and an internationalisation strategy.

On the content front, we researched keywords across all markets, delivered meta data in several languages and expanded the information architecture to increase the number of keywords the brand can rank for. We also advised on content creation, cross-linking and key areas of improvement through conversion rate optimisation.

Paid Media

A particular highlight came from a specific content piece that we created called Post-Mastectomy Dressing Tips, which we promoted via Facebook. The Facebook campaign delivered an ROI of 9445%, a conversion rate of 43%, making up 22% of the total revenue on the site for the period. It also still ranks #1 for “tips for dressing post mastectomy”.


We launched a series of paid search campaigns across the UK, Australia, US, France and Sweden with the goal of driving revenue and ROI while focusing on new/non-brand customers. After carrying out several brand on/off tests we decided to invest budget in non-brand terms and pause brand exact across all regions.

We ran display campaigns to help promote specific content pieces for brand awareness in the US. These were set up to target a very specific, relevant affinity audience across key-topic related placements, allowing us to maximise relevance, impression share and ROI.

We also implemented Facebook ads across all regions to help boost brand awareness and demand. These were overlaid with CRM data to target both previously dormant customers as well as key competitors in each area.

The Results

We managed to achieve great results with a strategy that worked across seven countries in six languages, and saw a great increase in revenue overall.


Increase in SEO traffic
Increase in direct traffic
Increase in PPC traffic
Increase in social traffic

Highlights Per Country

Increase in UK SEO traffic
Increase in US organic traffic

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