Using Vine for a Great Halloween Campaign

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It’s Halloween weekend which is a great opportunity for brands to jump on the user generated content train. While getting followers to submit user generated content can be tricky to do, pairing up with a holiday where fun is the theme inspires followers to show off and share the fun they have. Because Halloween is all about dressing up and transforming into something mystical, scary or strange, Vine is a great tool to use.

Vine is an easy storytelling platform that allows users to create content by simply tapping their screen or holding their finger on the screen for a continuous 6 second clip. Vine also allows users to edit their clips which allows for all 6 available seconds to be used constructively.

Many social platforms also promote video content, organically, further than text statusses or pictures. Here are a few Vine ideas to inspire your brand to include those on Vine in your content marketing concept.

1. Go All In

Halloween is all about crazy makeup. Here are some great makeup Vines that users have created for this year.

2. Add Photographs

Some users might like to combine their love for pictures with Vine by creating something on Flippergram.This is great for further participation as those who do not have Vine may be able to share great images with friends, who do have Vine, to use. Here are a few examples of how images can be included in Vines:

3. Encourage Humour

The most popular Vines videos are either the most funny or have the, “how did they do that?” factor. Since it’s Halloween and time to have lots of fun, encourage users to include comedy in their videos.

4. Transformation

The easiest transformation technique for Viners to use is the manual zoom in and out. It provides an almost seamless transformation within a video shot using Vine only. An easy gimmick that requires the creator to take a starting point shot, zooming in so the camera blurs into darkness and pulling the zoom back out again to reveal a new look.

5. Add a Touch of Silly

Halloween costumes don’t always make sense, but they do brighten up our day. Here are some Halloween theme silly videos:

6. Keep it Simple

If this is your first campaign, keeping it simple can never go wrong. Opting in for something creative can result in a bank of great, fun Vines. For example, depend on the good old pumpkin for family fun.

What NOT To Do

Don’t take the weird factor too far. Halloween is meant to be fun, not actually scare people where they worry about their personal safety. For example:

Themes to Avoid

It might seem like common sense to stay away from politically incorrect or themes that are in bad taste, yet the internet never ceases to amaze us by the constant bad decisions users make when creating content. Here are a list of our top 5 “don’t go there” themes for Halloween 2014:

• Ebola
• Plane crashes
• Politically incorrect costumes (no blackface, no Hitler costumes)
• No Rolf Harris Costumes

Ebola Costumes

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