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While many SEO agencies have been concerned about the projected death of blogging at the hands of the new juggernaut of social media, reports currently show that blogging continues to defy the odds and show strong signs of growth over the last months, not to mention positive projections for the future as well. In reports published by the Nielsen McKinsey group, where they tracked over 181 million blogs around the world, it was found that while growth may not be as dramatic as that of the new kids on the block – Twitter and its big brother Facebook – blogging remains a popular and effective form of SEO through the growing number of readers, that just seems to get better with age.

The study showcased the growth of blogging over the last 5 years, with total blogs tracked up by 36 million from the blogs tracked at the end of 2006. The content of blogs produced is growing steadily stronger, with the nature of blogging becoming a major force in any outreach campaign and boasting a very interlinked user base with new social media platforms.

The majority of bloggers are women; they are between the ages of 18 and 34 (the best consumer bracket for business demographic targeting) and are highly educated individuals, with over 75% of them holding some form of tertiary education. Interesting statistics for any SEO agency and clients to take note of is that bloggers and readers of blogs are statistically more likely to interact with social media and all forms of online marketing and social interaction which makes linking campaigns across platforms an effective strategy for results.

By amassing the major blogging platforms together, namely Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress, any company using blogging to improve their search engine reputation management is reaching an audience of around 80 million active Internet users, almost 1 in every 4 online users in the United States in 2011. While still not hitting the high levels of Facebook, blogging is still a strong force in any SEO agency campaign. While new media platforms for digital marketing continue to gain fast popularity and increased user numbers, blogging has consistently performed for clients and agencies and continued growth means that it continues to shine, much like the illustrious career of “The Greatest Living Scot” Sean Connery. So get blogging to boost your company exposure and brand image in the online market!

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