Google Treats App Aficionados to Mobile Analytics

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mobile-analyticsIn a recent Analytics boom, Google has just introduced a mobile app that provides on-the-go Analytics. On top of this, Mobile App Analytics provides developers with the opportunity to gauge how well their precious applications are performing. Stay with us as we iron out these two new features.

Google Analytics App

– About:
The Google Analytics App sets out to provide a truncated version of traditional desktop-based Google Analytics. Mobile app enthusiasts have been imploring Google to release this application that enables a user-friendly consistent experience between devices.


– Features:
With the new Google Analytics App (released Friday June 29) users make use of their mobile device capability to swipe between screens, enabling them to access various reports for multiple Google Analytics profiles. From real-time Analytics to dashboard stats and goal alerts, it’s the anywhere, anytime, Analytics app.

– Access:
There are already several apps that are available on Google Play that use a Google Analytics API to view various aspects of the desktop-based version. The Google Analytics mobile app is free at the moment and is also available on the Google Play store, which should affect the cost and performance of these other apps.

The App has definite advantages for any SEO analysts who are often on the run, when you need quick access to those vital stats.

Mobile App Analytics

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In another major announcement from Google it was revealed on Friday that the search giant will be releasing a mobile app that delivers Analytics that enable web developers to track the performance of their own apps.

– Features (what information can the developer access?):
How the users find the app from the Play Store.
The number of people that downloaded the app.
How many people actually made use of the app.
The user’s location.

– Access:
Mobile App Analytics will be reaching the Google Play store towards the end of summer but analysts can request to test the beta version out beforehand.

There are clear benefits that the app offers to both iOS and Android developers. iOS, however, does not have access to referral traffic information.


Yet again another release from Google and even more benefits for businesses and mobile developers. The Google Analytics App has been a long time coming and is a great convenience, but the potential of the Mobile App Analytics has a bright future. There are also plans to better Google Play integration, which will see Google Analytics accounts linking directly with Play accounts resulting in a new age of mobile Analytics.

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