The Great, The Good and The Gay Sochi Olympic Adverts 2014

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With the Super Bowl and the Grammy’s recently having come and gone, it’s advert central the globe over. As brands duke it out for the prestige of having the most memorable ads, we take a look at the great, the good and the gay adverts from the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014.


America might only be in 4th place at the moment in the winter Olympics, but when it comes to winning the advertising stakes, it’s America that’s number one. We all know that content is king and playing the emotional card still works really well in advertising. American group Procter and Gamble is proving this theory with their #BecauseofMom ad campaign. With nearly 16 million YouTube hits alone (15 994 574), there’s nothing like thinking of your Mum to pull the ol’ heart strings.


American brands haven’t shied away from including same sex marriages in their advertising campaigns irrespective of Russia’s anti-gay laws. Chevrolet sells the angle as a matter of fact, discreetly opposing Russia’s values. With 112,091 hits, they’ve represented their views in a subtle way:


Russia’s anti-gay laws have had many an eye brow cocked over the Olympic season. Olympic front runners Norway and Canada maybe be tied with the Dutch (with 7 medals each), but they’re streets ahead when it comes to their stance on human equality. The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion hasn’t hesitated in telling Russia exactly what they think of the Russian anti-gay laws with their “The games have always been a little bit gay” advert. At 4,930,124 views they’ve successfully made their views known:

With just over 100 000 views Norway isn’t far behind either with their pro-equality for all adverts. Norwegian brand “XXL”‘s Olympic advert has lead the campaign with their tongue in cheek, “Whichever Team You Play On” XXL – All Sports United.

Whilst the BBC Sports channel played it really safe with their advertising campaign, the UK relied on Channel Four to bring out the risk. Their “Gay Mountain” good luck video has reached nearly a million hits on YouTube since being uploaded 5 days ago.

Google even jumped on the bandwagon on the opening day of the Sochi Olympics by including the rainbow on their front page Google Doodle.

Google Doodle

The fact that so many brands have elected to incorporate this issue goes to show how public opinion shapes brand marketing in current times. Gone are the days when brands dictate to the audience what is cool and relevant. Now days, brands watch their audience and use those conversations to create advertising that will connect with consumers. The Sochi Olympic advertisements are a clear example of how people are at the centre of brand creativity more so than ever before.

We say, let the best (wo)man at the gay-mes win!

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