Agata Wejner

SEO Executive

Agata excelled at Digital Media studies while working full time as a restaurant manager and mixologist who designed cocktail menus for venues around London.  She then put theory into practice by optimising the website of the restaurant, putting it on the first page of Google. She says ‘if your page isn’t on the first page, do you really exist online?’, and we love that.

So here she is.

Ambition to work in a small, hard-working team led this self-proclaimed science geek to MediaVision, and her interest in design, code and all things SEO makes Agata a great addition to the team. When she’s not travelling and exploring places through the local food and people, you’ll find her chilling out by swimming, listening to Reggaeton and baking. One day she might open a bakery and get it on the first page of Google too.