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66% of global companies using web analytics say they are gaining a competitive advantage from the data they collect. Google Analytics is the most prolific platform, with over 90% of agencies and companies using it to measure and extract valuable user and website performance data. However, while 41% of website owners change their website content weekly, only 14% track what content generates the most conversions.

If you’re looking to improve the online experience for your customers and potential customers, increase conversions or simply make better business decisions about what you should be doing digitally, an effective measurement of key performance indicators through the use of advanced Google analytics is vital.


Key Benefits of Analyticsanalytics_services

  • Google Analytics helps you understand how your website is performing, so that you can identify issues and make improvements. For example, you can see which keywords perform best, and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly, or identify where customers are dropping off in the sales cycle for CRO purposes. This helps businesses to improve the customer journey and overall user experience.
  • Provides detailed insight into audience and consumer behavior –everything from the pages they visit, to the device they used to access your site, and where they are located. Businesses can then make strategic decisions regarding their current and target audience.
  • Monitor the performance of individual campaigns. See which channels proved to be most successful, what worked, and what didn’t. This will help you to plan better for future campaigns and avoid making the same mistakes twice.
  • Make strategic budget decisions based on the results from analytics. Now that you know what works, you can allocate funds accordingly. You will also be able to monitor the results of your spend, and make adjustments where necessary.


Some of Our Analytics Clients


The MediaVision Approach

We monitor your site on a month-by-month basis, so our consultants can better understand and improve your brand’s performance online and offer expert guidance throughout our working relationship with you.

We create a measurement plan to ensure that we are monitoring the correct KPIs for your business and use these metrics to actively drive increased performance of your website.


How Analytics Fits into an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Analytics play a key role in any integrated marketing strategy – it’s important to monitor the performance and success of everything you do, across all channels.

Analytics can be used at the planning stage of campaigns to guide decisions – for example, who will you be targeting, and based on past data, what will be the most effective way of reaching them? This service can then be used to check the ongoing effectiveness of your digital campaign, and collate the results to ensure agile decision making based on the data.

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