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Social media is the new word of mouth. It’s one of the most effective ways of communicating directly with real people, and building advocacy to increase brand awareness and sales. Social media management helps to keep your brand front of mind during the conversion cycle, and is a vital touchpoint that increases the lifetime value of your customer.

Social media also helps keep your finger on the pulse of overall marketing activities. 72% of UK marketers say they now consider social media to be a more reliable source of public sentiment than traditional focus groups.

This is where the real magic happens – creating a conversation between the brand and the consumer. With 87% of internet users in the UK owning an account on a social network, it’s more important than ever to expose your brand personality and focus on getting your social media message in front of right people.

Social media is closely linked with Digital PR and Content Marketing, as the services complement each other beautifully and amplify results.


Key Benefits of Social Media Marketingsocial-media-marketing

  • Social media allows brands to interact directly with consumers and brand advocates
  • Businesses obtain real feedback that can be invaluable for product development
  • It generates a powerful ripple effect which delivers word of mouth instantly
  • Social media can be very fast to market, as it is easy to set up with low barriers to entry on major social platforms
  • An effective social strategy can establish a brand’s social presence on a large scale in a short amount of time
  • Social media also helps to build communities, who share, recommend, comment and provide feedback
  • Integrates with paid media strategies


Some of Our Social Media Clients


The MediaVision Approach

Social is about making ripples that turn into waves. We understand that only entertaining and relevant content will travel through the social landscape.

We make sure that there is a strategy behind our social. We convey real business ambitions via social media in a clear, concise manner – we don’t believe in posting content for content’s sake.

Our experienced team of digital natives creates detailed social media content plans, which integrate with our digital PR themes and client marketing calendars. We then identify and connect with key social influencers within our client’s industry.

We are constantly researching new tools and platforms, which ensures that every client is using the latest techniques and tools for their social media marketing.


How Social Media Fits in an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Social brings a client’s campaign to life. Whether it’s a sale that has been promoted through PPC or content marketing, social will push the campaign straight to your followers and their peers.

Social also amplifies other areas of digital marketing, ensuring that your campaigns and strategy reach their full potential.

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