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Organic search results account for 94% of clicks in the search results page, while 32% of companies feel that SEO is the digital channel which has the biggest impact on a brand. With these stats in mind, there’s no better time to focus on your company’s SEO strategy. Our unique approach combines both art and science for an SEO solution that delivers traffic which converts.

Key Benefits

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a digital marketing tactic that has been used consistently over the years because it has so many benefits for businesses.
  • SEO is one of the strongest acquisition channels for new customers that are in a key stage of the buying cycle.
  • SEO delivers the best value traffic compared to all other digital channels, which results in an exceptional return on investment.
  • SEO delivers optimal digital visibility for brands.
  • By achieving strong visibility through organic rankings, SEO also reduces a brand’s reliance on paid search tactics, meaning much smaller budgets are required. For that reason, SEO is not only the lowest cost digital marketing service available to gain new customers, but also one of the most effective.


Agile SEO

SEO as a part of the digital marketing mix is an ever-evolving beast that requires an agile approach to effective implementation if you want to keep reaping the rewards.

Effective SEO in 2014 requires a combination of up-to-date and optimised technical website elements, outstanding content and resources, and an effective digital PR and social media strategy that all works together to achieve results.


How SEO Fits in an Integrated Marketing Strategy

SEO is the basis upon which all other marketing strategies are built. Effective SEO is the first step for brands to create and nurture an engaged audience, as improving site visibility improves brand visibility.


Some of Our SEO Clients




The MediaVision Approach

SEO is the combination of Art and Science in a Five Step Process

MediaVision’s five step SEO process targets people, not search engines, and combines both artistic and scientific elements to create a thorough foundation for all SEO activity.

MV SEO Process

Audience Analysis

We organise brainstorm and interview sessions for an in-depth understanding of our client’s current and target customers, from which we create an accurate audience analysis.We then make sure that everything we do directly targets this demographic.

Competitor Analysis

Our team of digital natives analyse our client’s competitors and their performance across the different digital channels. This includes SEO-specific elements such as search and brand phrase analysis and technical onsite factors, along with performance analysis of competitors across other channels such as social media and digital public relations.

Keyword Research

We undertake thorough keyword research for brand and industry terms, as well as related longer and more descriptive search phrases (long tail of search), in order to optimise for quality traffic that will have a higher conversion rate.

Technical Onsite Elements

We implement an onsite technical audit allowing us to set up and optimise the required onsite elements.

Promotional Offsite Elements

Offsite promotional activity is a fundamental part of this process, which includes Digital Public Relations and Social strategies.


Other SEO Services

International Search

With multilingual clients operating in over 150 countries, our internationalisation strategy ensures they reach new customers with a localised site and specific search terms for each target market.

Digital PR

Digital PR boosts brand awareness though online coverage of a brand, and the cultivation of relationships with bloggers, journalists and digital influencers.

Content Strategy

MediaVision’s content strategy team delivers compelling, quality content that is relevant to your audience, driving engagement, brand awareness and conversions.

Marketing Attribution

Our in-depth knowledge of Google Analytics means that we can determine which digital marketing channel provides the best ROI for your business.


We can help you move to a new domain or alter your existing site architecture without losing your authority in Google’s search results.

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