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Remarketing on the display and search network is a hugely important channel within our paid media offering. We have various types of remarketing campaigns that we run for our clients, based on their specific needs and performance metrics, website, RLSA and dynamic remarketing.


Website-based audiences are collected via cookies placed on their browsers. These audiences are then segmented and targeted based on the most relevant ads for the part of the site or specific URL they visited.


Remarketing for search is a powerful targeting option for marketers whose aim is to increase brand awareness, obtain new customers and tailor ads to existing customers within the search engine results pages (SERPs). It allows advertisers to target users on the search network based on their keyword search history within the SERPs.

RLSA facilitates a more personalised search experience, as it gives the opportunity to create and target ads based on a user’s level of interaction with the brand, from new user to premium member.

Dynamic Remarketing for Retailers

DRM takes the remarketing process one step further, for those advertisers with a Google Merchant Center account who are opted into Dynamic Remarketing.

It allows customers on your remarketing lists to see populated image ads, which are customised based on their browsing behavior and the level of interaction with the product and conversion funnel.

Benefits of Remarketing

Although there are various types of remarketing, its core importance to our clients is the ability to target previous visitors of any website with the most customised and relevant ad possible.

The cookie window can be modified according to bespoke conversion cycles and timeframes.

The main benefits for marketers include:

  • Re-engaging with various types of website visitors
  • Improving brand awareness and recall
  • Ability for customised targeting of shopping basket abandonment
  • Gain relevant awareness for sales and offers
  • Audience targeting and segmentation

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