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Jack Felstead
Head of Paid Search

David Sanchez
Digital Strategist

At MediaVision, we help our customers achieve their goals – Return on Investment, Return on Advertising Spending, Margin, Cost per Lead and Cost per Acquisition, (ROI, ROAS, Margin, CPL/CPA) – by developing paid search strategies across search, display and social. We use leading cross-channel technology combined with expert knowledge from SEO, PR, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), affiliate and content marketing to empower our paid search offering. By utilising data from other channels and sources, we can optimise and enhance our clients’ accounts with a more diverse, targeted and structured approach, offering a completely integrated paid solution.


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Why Choose MediaVision?


Paid Search. Marketing Meets Math

With infinite complexities of data and metrics, paid search requires a masterful combination of insight and intuition to be successful, which is why our team runs scalable, finely-tuned bespoke campaigns for each and every client.

We work across continents in different languages and time zones to achieve results that make a tangible difference, combining the power of search, display and social to maximise exposure, traffic and conversions across all channels. Integration is key to this approach as it allows us to combine cross-channel knowledge with CRO for excellent results and increased ROI.



We Think Cross Channel

Layer 5


  • Google, Bing, Yahoo! Gemini
  • Brand, generic, product segmentation
  • Multi-lingual & geo-specific targeting
  • Shopping (Google & Bing)
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads  (RLSA)


Layer 4


  • Key placement, topics and interest targeting
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Gmail sponsored promotions
  • Real-time bidding (RTB)


Layer 3


  • Sponsored posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Strategically placed Image and Newsfeed ads
  • In-market/audience targeting and retargeting



Layer 6


  • Landing page review and feedback
  • Site and user journey analysis
  • Multiple conversion goal identification and tracking
  • Advanced analytics reporting


We Treat Your Investment Like it’s Our Own

That means we plan, budget and spend carefully, always working to increase revenue and cut unnecessary spend. Constantly testing new technology and methodologies to remain at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry, we stay on top of things so we can brief our clients and cultivate a transparent relationship.


Why Use Paid Media?

  • Achieve your goals: ROI, Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) and Margin.
  • Identify and reach the right audience. Increase brand awareness.
  • Execute various SEM strategies through different types of paid media using multiple touchpoints that all lead to a similar end goal.
  • Paid media is effective at all stages of the sales cycle because it can influence browsers at various stages of the conversion path – this could include empty basket and conversion funnel targeting through remarketing, or product launches to boost awareness about a site or brand.
  • There are multiple performance metrics that can be tracked and measured for the most relevant results according to client needs.
  • Local and global reach.
  • Enables clients to own more inventories on the SERPs.
  • Effective and controlled budget management – we consistently analyse our budget allocation to ensure it’s focused on the best brand and non-brand ROI.
  • It gives us the ability to gather data from a consumer’s search purchasing behaviour along the conversion path, allowing us to segment and target even further.


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