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Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)

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Marius Badenhorst
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Louis Venter
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Your brand reputation is your most valuable asset, and search engine reputation management is all about preserving the good name you’ve built. Reviews and ratings can make or break a business, and SERM ensures that you’re not haunted forever by a negative customer review from 10 years ago. All online activities can result in well ranked online messages that have a huge effect on brand perception – the last thing you want is to be associated with negative digital press.


Key Benefits of Search Engine Reputation Managementserm

  • The most obvious benefit of SERM is the removal of unwanted online mentions of your brand, or getting that negative press shifted off the first page of the SERPS.
  • Continual monitoring of your brand via Google alerts and brand mentions on social media means that you are constantly aware of what is being said about your brand in the online sphere, and can quickly take action if need be.
  • Even if there are no negative online mentions associated with your brand, you can make it more difficult for unpleasant comments to claim valuable online real estate. Future-proof your brand against negative press.


The MediaVision Approach

Each online reputation management campaign presents a different set of challenges and requires a unique approach. We work on getting to know and understand your brand, before implementing our bespoke reputation management strategy. This involves a multichannel recovery strategy that incorporates social, Digital PR, Content Marketing and SEO campaigns.


How Does SERM Fit into an Integrated Marketing Strategy?

We consistently work towards keeping your brand identity and ethos in mind when planning out our integrated campaigns. These campaigns are scrutinised to ensure we are promoting the correct message.

The different digital channels are invaluable when it comes to owning positive real estate on the SERPs and displacing negative associations. Digital PR can achieve positive, credible company coverage on quality sites, while social media is used to build engagement with fans and create genuine brand advocates.


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