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Seventy percent of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads. Here at MediaVision, our team of Digital PR specialists curate organic endorsements based on our clients’ primary objectives. We establish relationships with online press on behalf of our clients to create a compelling brand narrative. We also focus on pushing their brand’s online presence to the right audience by targeting industry-relevant, high impact media titles and through the use of Blogger outreach. Our approach to Digital PR ensures that clients are seen, heard and talked about by Digital influencers.


What is Digital PR?

Digital Public Relations is a mixture of peer to peer recommendations through bloggers and glossy editorial features from industry and consumer titles with mammoth reach.


The Benefits of Digital PR

  • Brand Awareness. This channel also helps to build brand awareness and desire at the ‘consideration’ stage of the purchase cycle. Digital PR is not just about the last click, on which most Digital key performance indicators tend to focus. Other Digital channels work with an existing demand for a product or service, but Digital PR creates this demand.
  • Audience targeting. With 36 million people using the Internet on a daily basis in the UK alone, Digital PR reaches a larger, relevant audience for a longer period of time. 
  • Increased Conversion. Digital PR increases brand search volumes which is typically the highest converting traffic, and grows the long tail of referrals. Because Digital PR is permanent, it will continue to drive traffic far longer than traditional PR. 
  • SEO Benefits. Digital PR underpins and future proofs your entire SEO strategy. This is particularly important after recent Google algorithm changes that have clamped down on guest blogging and black hat link building tactics. 
  • Low Ad Spend, High Impact. Digital PR is accessible to all brands and not connected to ad spend in certain publications – the companies who are the most creative win, not the ones with the deepest pockets.
  • Brand Engagement. Digital PR boosts social sharing, creates offline word of mouth, and allows for instant feedback from customers.
  • Customer Acquisition. This channel is great for new customer acquisition, because bloggers and ezines are so influential. Digital PR can also reduce CPA (cost per action).
  • Online Reputation Management. Digital PR helps to raise a brand’s profile and gets them in front of influential figures.
  • Return on Investment. Finally, Digital PR is more immediate and has a direct link to ROI.


Some of Our Digital PR Clients

We service brands in a variety of industries. Through the years we have gained niche expertise in the fashion industry in particular, and have earned the reputation as an award-winning Fashion PR agency.




The MediaVision Approach

With our knowledge of both SEO and PR tactics, we create bespoke strategies that are relevant to the client’s end goal. These Digital PR strategies can stand alone or be integrated into an overarching campaign.

Our team of Digital natives work on finding the best fit for our client – we don’t pigeonhole bloggers, publications or brands. In order to obtain the right kind of coverage for your brand, we take an international approach, and target influential members of the digital sphere, whether they be bloggers or ezine editors.

The MediaVision team boasts a number of expert PRs with a wealth of knowledge and experience that covers a host of industries ranging from Fashion PR to pharmaceuticals. We have produced a number of case studies which show the measurable results of our Digital PR successes.


How Digital PR Fits in an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Unlike outdated SEO tactics, Digital PR will not be caught out by a Google update. The more your brand and site is mentioned in reputable blogs and online press, the further your site will move up the ranks.

Digital PR also works in sync with an overarching campaign that will complement your social media, SEO strategy, blog content, and more importantly, your marketing calendar.

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