What We Do – An Integrated Marketing Approach

We believe in integration – our team, our services, our strategies.

Our logo epitomises the idea of integrated or cross-channel marketing – in order to achieve the best results, the different digital channels should work in unison and complement each other.

Here at MediaVision, we create an overall integrated marketing plan for the client, whereby we plan out campaigns and then ensure that each channel follows the set themes. For example, for a new product launch, we would utilise Digital PR to generate press coverage, social media to spread awareness, PPC to help rank for the required search terms, SEO to optimise selected site pages for the new product, and CRO to ensure conversions are maximised.

Finally, our belief in integration also extends to our client’s other agencies – whether it’s a PR agency or design firm, we’ll work with them to deliver the best results possible.

For more information, read our individual Services pages below, or contact us to find out what we can do for you.



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