Sharing the Love: MediaVision’s Top Tips For Great Client Relations

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It’s been a pretty cool couple of months here at the MediaVision office. Not only have we been shortlisted for a Marketing Week Engage Award in the digital category for our work with Aquascutum, but we’ve also reached recommended status with the Recommended Agency Register. This register is a list of agencies from a variety

The Bottle Battle: Can Coca-Cola Clean Up?

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It’s safe to say the profession of marketing isn’t one that’s viewed with a great deal of trust – society tends to brand advertisers, particularly those who work for large multinationals, as smooth-talking, unscrupulous Don Draper types who would sell their own grandmas if it meant climbing another rung up the company ladder. In a

Google’s Advice for Admitting Reconsideration Requests for Flagged Websites

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What did you get from Google this festive season? Their employees were given stunning phones and tablets, but did they give you anything? They did actually hand out some sound advice for those with flagged websites, and overactive SEO fingers; an education on how to effectively get your site out of the ‘no-go-zone’ and back

The basics of online reputation management

In its simplest explanation online reputation management or search engine reputation management (SERM) is knowing and managing what is being said about you or your business online. Many people think that keeping track of this is unimportant, but if you have ever seen an online video go viral then you will know how quickly news

Don’t forget your website!

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Years ago online activity was static and simple. People visited websites and then emailed the address at the bottom of the page for further interaction. How we use the internet now is very different and dynamic, with online interaction increasingly transferring to social network sites. In the era of social media businesses are constantly advised

Why you need outstanding personal branding

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Why do you need to know about online personal branding? Well, because Imogen Heap wore a Twitter dress to the Grammys last night, obviously. Heap’s outfit demonstrated once again that the internet and social media continue to penetrate popular culture and our lifestyles at a rapid rate. While most stars opted for designer couture on
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What 2010 holds for Brand Reputation Management

With the recent advances in real time search brands now need to monitor their online reputation more closely than ever before. Coming from a past where the corporate website was the sole online showcase for a brand, 2009 showed us that the search engines have a definite interest in MyFaceFlicSpinTwit, with public views now appearing

Got a bad reputation? Online Reputation management can clean up your mess.

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Do you know that someone tweeted about your company’s latest product and said that it was “a piece of junk that didn’t even work properly” or did you know that there has recently been a Facebook group solely dedicated to the “bad service” of your brand? I didn’t think so. As we know, there can