Yardley Leeman

Yardley Leeman, SEO Executive at MediaVision

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Cape Town born and bred. I studied at Vega Advertising School and specialised in online marketing. Spare time is a luxury to me so when I have it I enjoy relaxing. I’m also into fitness training, mixed martial arts and electronic music production/DJing

What previous experience do you have in the digital industry?

I have experience as an SEO Analyst as well as with online business startups and content marketing.

Why do you enjoy working in digital?

What’s not to love? I’m a performance and goal orientated person, I love the analytical and strategic side of digital as it matches my character.

What is your role at MediaVision?

I work as an SEO Exec across a variety of clients.

  • Known in the office for: Being in The Zone. And Techno music
  • Bucket list items include: Skydiving
  • Favourite band/song: Boris Brechja
  • Favourite movie/TV show: Mr Robot
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