Thomas Schonenberger

Thomas Schonenberger

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I have a BSc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Witwatersrand and followed this up with a MDP management course. I’m a keen problem solver – I love nothing more than getting hands on when something is not working as it should. My little boy constantly reminds me of that – except he hasn’t mastered the aspect of putting things back together again after he has taken them apart.

What previous experience do you have in the digital industry?

MediaVision celebrates its 10 year anniversary mid-2014. As a founding partner I have witnessed the evolution of the industry and ourselves as an agency, keeping up with the latest trends over the years. There has been nothing better than being in the thick of it all along!

Why do you enjoy working in digital?

I love reading about the cutting edge science that is happening in labs and universities around us. Although I am not a part of all that R&D, to me the digital world is also on the cutting edge of creativity and design. It allows me to be a part of breaking ground in new areas of digital.  Digital has been my life – from the very first days of computers I was in the digital world. I was captivated with fractal generators (and other interesting cutting edge stuff at the time!) and that has evolved to being absorbed in this virtual world that we find ourselves in. Even now I can’t help getting my hands dirty with some good old web builds, my latest project helping out a family friend with SA Clip Frames.

What is your role at MediaVision?

As founding director I’ve been involved in most areas of the agency, from the early days of finance and admin, to our IT systems which I still oversee today. Besides looking after some key accounts, my primary role focuses on new business and partner relations. I’m also involved in the PPC department having spent years in this area of the business. Some of the accounts I am involved with are Dickies and Brightcove .

Where can we see more of you?

You will have seen my guest posts on the likes of State of Digital and Marketing Donut.

  • Known in the office for: if it needs fixing – give it to Tom!
  • Most likely to be found doing kids activities on the weekend.
  • Bucket list items include: seeing the Okavango Swamp and sailing the Caribbean.
  • Party trick: sabrage!
  • Most embarrassing moment: going blank in front of an audience.
  • Favourite band/song: At the moment “Animals!”, but some Late Lounge also goes down well.
  • One interesting fact: I’m going to leave this one out.
  • Favourite movie/TV show: Breaking Bad and The Matrix.


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