Stephan Marais

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I came to the world of SEO by an unexpected route, studying Psychology and Tourism Management at North West University. Working and living in Taiwan for two years helped me to reassess my goals and career. On my return to South Africa, I settled in Cape Town and found an interest in SEO and digital marketing.

What previous experience do you have in the digital industry?

I started out as an intern but soon worked my way up to a position of Account Manager. During my time building experience, I also completed courses in Web Design & Web App Development. I then nurtured a small start up SEO business servicing small to medium clients full time for two and a half years, but the agency life called to me and so I aimed to broaden my skill set by taking a position as Project Manager at a web development and design agency.

From there I moved to MediaVision and in doing so I am now part of a team of digital strategists and creatives employing a diverse and integrated approach to digital marketing. All this contributes to my 6 and a half years of experience in the digital industry.

Why do you enjoy working in digital?

Digital is ever changing and keeps you on your toes. I love planning and managing projects from start to finish and seeing all our team efforts come together in a successful campaign.

What is your role at MediaVision? What accounts have you worked on?

I’m a Digital Strategist and Head of Research & Development. I dabble and consult on a wide variety of clients and industries across MediaVision’s client base.

  • Known in the office for my beard and killing plants.
  • Most likely to be found exploring, braaing and having a drink on the weekend.
  • Bucket list items include seeing at least 75% of the world.
  • Party trick: I get all friendly and sometimes even stay up after midnight, no jokes.
  • Most embarrassing moment: puking blue Energade over the side of the truck on our work outing.
  • Favourite band/song: That’s silly, there’s not just one, sheesh.
  • One interesting fact: Don’t drink warm milk on a warm day if you’re running a marathon, fact.
  • Favourite movie/TV show: QI

Jodie Harris
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