Milo Skywalker III

Milo began his marketing career as possibly the cutest puppy on earth. Way cuter than the Andrex puppy and at least twice as smart. He was the oldest boy in a litter of girls and developed a unique understanding of how to get his own way at dinner time.

He graduated in the school of “getting fed at the table” and progressed to the “Barking school of let me out the door to chase that squirrel” and excelled at both institutions earning special commendation.

Often found in the sunniest spots and not known for any guard-dog ability his easy manner was easily transferred to the digital marketing sphere. After extensive training he started becoming an integral part of the MediaVision team bring boundless enthusiasm and a love for chasing squirrels to our already vibrant office. We also don’t really like grey squirrels.

He soon moved on to lead the loyalty team, expressing his views through in-depth presentations on human behavior. The highlights of his career thus far are undoubtedly the workshops on “using your sad eyes to get that treat” and “cuteness, it’s not only for kittens” helped us form the cornerstone of our client relationships to date.

Milo Skywalker III epitomizes the enthusiasm we have for our work but with perhaps slightly less wet nose and far less inappropriate grooming rituals.

David Sanchez
Marius Badenhorst