Melissa Faraday


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

After graduating with a Comm. degree in Information Systems, I travelled to the UK, where I spent eight years in various financial and project management roles, as well as travelling in whatever spare time I had.

What is your role at MediaVision?

I have now been with MediaVision for over 7 years and am currently dealing with all the Finance, HR & Efficiency areas of the business, dabbling in paid search from time to time.

Known in the office for being the oil of the operation.

Most likely to be found spending time with Kaii, usually outdoors, on the weekend

Bucket list items include travelling around the world.

Most embarrassing moment: Not suitable for public ears!

Favourite band/song: At the moment it would have to be Mumford and Sons – I Will Wait.

One interesting fact: Just one?

Favourite movie/TV show: It changes constantly but currently it would have to be Big Bang Theory.