Meg Shout

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born in Cape Town, grew up in the Namib desert in Namibia, moved to London and back to Cape Town to begin my presenting career. I worked in commercial and retail radio for 8 years before joining the MediaVision team. I love watching food competition shows, blogging and social media, my cat Yoda, the interwebs and travelling.

What previous experience do you have in the digital industry?

Many of us were kids in the nineties without a mobile or a computer, yet we all now live in the fast, modern world of digital media, so I think everyone has experience in digital even when they think they don’t. I did my degree via online correspondence, studied “Copywriting for a Digital World”, used social media during my radio career and started my personal blog, Boring Cape Town Chick in 2012. If I hadn’t started my blog I wouldn’t have any experience in CMS, building social media audiences and digital marketing. In November 2016, I’ll have been at MediaVision for 3 years.

Why do you enjoy working in digital?

There’s a lot of sentimentality involved in writing. You feel that the final draft should always be the final draft; however, digital is evolving that sentiment. Changes can always be made to improve the product and this constant nature of updating and improving drew me to the digital world. Communication has always been key for humans; digital just allows people to communicate via more creative and innovative ways.

What is your role at MediaVision? What accounts have you worked on?

I’m currently the social media executive at the agency and form part of the paid media team. My role includes paid and organic social media as well as assisting with MediaVision’s marketing.

Where can we see more of you?

Apart from my blog, I do voice overs for radio after hours and work as a wedding DJ in summer time.

  • Known in the office for talking about food.
  • Most likely to be found clubbing on the weekend.
  • Bucket list items include travelling to New York.
  • Party trick: pole dancing.
  • Most embarrassing moment: Falling in Long Street when I jumped for a sign and my heel snapped off!
  • Favourite band/song: Faithless
  • One interesting fact: I grew up in a closed diamond mine town.
  • Favourite movie/TV show: Masterchef Australia.
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