Louis Venter

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I started life actually wanting to be an accountant! Luckily in my second year in my BCom (IS) at UCT we did a module of computer programming which I took to immediately. Progressing from there I started my own web development agency in 1999 which was really my first step into digital marketing. After my agency was bought out by a large publishing firm I went to London “for a year” and immediately fell in love with it.

After a few programming jobs I came to the conclusion that I was completely unemployable and started MediaVision with Thomas Schonenberger in 2003. We started by offering web development and design and a little-known thing called SEO. As the business flourished I found I was far more interested in driving traffic to sites and helping improve the conversion rate than I was building them!

Why do you enjoy working in digital?

The biggest draw card for me is the pace that it operates at. There is always something new to try. It’s also one of the few marketing disciplines that creativity is more important than the size of the budget as a hugely expensive campaign can be beaten by a very creative one. Another key for me is that there is no fuzzy metric attached – it’s all clearly measurable and you can demonstrate the value that your efforts have helped realise.

What is your role at MediaVision?

I am the CEO at MediaVision but still work on key accounts like Instant, Aquascutum and flydubai amongst others. I think it’s very important to keep your feet in digital if you are to run an agency as you need to both lead by example and keep up with the trends and changes!

Where can we see more of you?

I am on the editorial team of State of Digital, which is Europe’s leading search marketing blog, now branching out into other areas of digital.

  • Known in the office for pranking people.
  • Most likely to be found on the side of a sports field watching my kids on the weekend
  • Bucket list items include sailing across the Atlantic, climbing Mt Hua Shan and kite landboarding in Namibia.
  • Party trick: generally the worst Dad dancing you have ever seen ever – like really ever!
  • Most embarrassing moment: there are far too many.
  • Favourite band/song: right now it’s Tom Odell.
  • One interesting fact: I have more Anchorman references in my daily life than I probably should have. I find that 60% of the time it works, every time…..
  • Favourite movie/TV show: Sherlock probably, or Elementary, or Grimm. Favourite movie has to be Anchorman or Step Brothers.
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