Jack Felstead

Jack Felstead

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Born in Kingston, raised in Spain, now back in Kingston. In my spare time I enjoy working out, cooking/experimenting with new recipes, socialising, travelling, the odd drink here and there…

What previous experience do you have in the digital industry?

My professional digital career started at the age of 20 when I founded my own ecommerce company and gained a passion for Paid Search & Online Marketing. As a Freelance Digital Marketing Manager I managed all aspects of Paid Search for multiple online companies, managing five-figure/monthly Budgets with a positive ROI. I previously worked at here MediaVision and have always kept in touch with the team. I am really pleased to be back and part of the team here at MediaVision and look forward to adding additional value to all our clients’ accounts.

Why do you enjoy working in digital?

The reason I am so enthusiastic about Paid Search is because it is an extremely competitive and challenging industry that presents new opportunities and allows me to apply originality, creativity and individuality to my work.

  • Known in the office for: Impeccable dress sense and sarcastic sense of humour
  • Most likely to be found: At work, at the gym or in the kitchen!
  • Bucket list items include: Travelling the world
  • Party trick: Performing Olympic lifts/dirty dancing with my flat mate
  • Most embarrassing moment: Turning up for a flight 24 hours late
  • Favourite band/song: Too many to list
  • One interesting fact: I speak fluent Spanish
  • Favourite movie/TV show: At the moment I am watching “Narcos” on Netflix, which is excellent, I would definitely recommend it.
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