Our Favourite Spam-tertainment

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download Blogs are undeniably an important part of a client’s online presence. However, along with the good exposure and brand growth that a blog brings, it also welcomes another guest: Spam. Indeed, that little comment button is a glowing invitation for any and all to share whatever is on their heart or mind. Source: wewantthetruth.wordpress.com This very

Top 6 Ways PR Agencies Ruin Blogger Relationships

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Before I started working in a digital agency, back in the glory days of my blogging youth, I was quite sure of the fact that PR reps were either very lazy, or startlingly unaware of even the most basic levels of people skills. As they blundered around in the online environment of our current age,

25 Years of the World Wide Web – and How It’s Changed Marketing Forever

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Wednesday marked the unofficial birthday of the World Wide Web. Towards the end of the 80s, British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee proposed the idea of creating a digital network that would help scientists communicate more efficiently.  25 years on and the world has been changed forever. A letter in the post is long forgotten

Good bye Privacy, Hello Online Hits

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When George Orwell’s book “1984” was released, the concept of being watched continuously by the “Big Brother” entity was a new and frightening concept. Many people were anxious about a nuclear war at the time, and feared becoming just another cog in the society wheel. Being monitored in their every move without the freedom to

Mystery Tweeters – Cheeky PR Executives Spill the Beans on Agency Elevator Talk

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This week former GQ editor, Lauren Bans, revealed herself as media house Condé Nast’s mystery elevator tweeter. Lauren Bans posted the tweet above in a response to the New York Times story in which the author of a Goldman Sachs elevator’s anonymous Twitter account (@GSElevator), John Lefevre, also revealed himself. Ms Bans left GQ only a month

Jelly May Have Already Lost Its Jiggle

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Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, launched his new Q&A app Jelly this January. There were haters but it’s hard to deny its potential. It seemed to be a refreshing and interesting take to something we had seen tried before, e.g. Aardvark. Some peg it as the lovechild of Quora and Instagram. Jelly looked like

This Valentine’s Day, We Love You (Tube)

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a69c0efb8f4ed365d8918e0d96075932 Cupid’s busiest day has arrived! Love it or hate it – Valentine’s Day and all its goofiness is unavoidable. YouTube has you covered when it comes to entertainment on the day of ‘luuurv’… We’ve picked five of our favourite Valentine clips to get you smiling: 1.For the Ladies YouTube funny girl, LaToya Forever tells us

I Heard It through The Grammys Vine

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Since Vine’s initial release on 24 January 2013, enjoying the Grammys has just gotten better. Once you sift through the mounds of #smackcam, #twerking, and #grindonme vines, there are interesting gems to find. Brands such as Pepsi, Columbia Records, and Sony Music Canada took full advantage of 6 seconds of video as they built up
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