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Turk Launches


Thames River trips

Target Market:

London locals and tourists

Problem/ Brief:

Turk Launches is a 300 year old river boat company that offers Thames River cruises along one of the most beautiful waterways in South West London.

We approached Turk Launches at the beginning of February 2011 after identifying several weaknesses within their SEO setup. In an industry that is flourishing online, we took on the task of improving Turk Launches’ online visibility by the time the boat cruise season peaked in the summer of 2011.

We can see the general rise and fall of web interest over the course of each year below, but what is worth noting is that there has not been any growth in web interest in recent years, thus making MediaVision’s job even tougher. On top of this, March has always been a steady month whereby no actual increase in web interest has taken place; we can therefore conclude that any improvement during the month of March is due to improvement in SEO work, rather than an increase in web search interest.


Solution/ Strategy:

Given the short space of time in which we had to produce results, we needed to put a tight and immediate strategy in place. After getting to know the industry and what consumers expect from a top quality Thames River cruise company, we focused our attention on the onsite SEO compliance of the Turk Launches website. A thorough compliancy report was completed and changes were made to the website structure and content, ensuring that all signals pointed to a quality website with quality content.


Having only had a portion of February and the month of March to work with thus far, improvement to the client’s website traffic was immediately apparent, with significant improvements shown to non-branded organic search traffic volumes and quality of traffic. Traffic volumes on the 1st of March 2010 were almost identical to traffic volumes on the 1st of March 2011. However, whereas traffic volumes in 2010 remained stable throughout March, we can see below that work carried out to the Turk Launches website led to massively increased non-branded organic search traffic volumes of 455% in March 2011 – a significant improvement in year on year growth:



MediaVision achieved an excellent 455% increase in non-branded organic search engine traffic for Turk Launches.

The motivation behind this case study is to illustrate how quickly an effective SEO strategy can begin to take effect on a website. The improvement in traffic the client experienced was exceptionally impressive. Turk Launches is now ahead of schedule in terms of their website’s traffic volume targets, and as a result they can expect one of their busiest peak seasons ever, thanks to their improved web visibility to potential customers. We will be sure to summer and keep you posted on Turk Launches’ ongoing improvement.