The Sleep Room traffic and sales

The Sleep Room

Sector:Bedroom furniture eTailer

Target Market: Online shoppers in the UK

Problem/ Brief:

We analysed the PPC campaigns set up for The Sleep Room by a leading digital agency and discovered that there were many flaws. The campaign was not structured well enough to provide meaningful metrics to understand which phrases were driving the sales and which were not.

The landing page strategy was particularly weak, with increased bounce and exit rates occurring on those pages. Quality score was also low as the landing pages were poorly optimised.

Solution/ Strategy:

MediaVision took action by setting up new PPC accounts along with a detailed SEO audit and landing page optimisation strategy. This would benefit the quality score and ensure synergy between the SEO and PPC campaigns.

The PPC campaign was tailored to allow far more control over spend in greater detail. Campaign budgets were then re-allocated and distributed according to the profitability of the products.

Rationale/ Reasoning behind this Strategy:

We felt that a fresh start would work most effectively for our new client.


The results were very impressive with a 205% increase in traffic and a 125% increase in Sales after just three months of strategy implementation.



Thanks to our innovative PPC campaign management, The Sleep Room experienced an excellent increase in paid search traffic (over 205%) and a 125% increase in sales within just three months of joining Mediavision.

Many marketers assume that there may be only marginal differences from agency to agency when it comes to PPC management. This case study debunks that myth by demonstrating a 150% increase in sales and a 120% increase in traffic for our client.

Client Response:

“Mediavision took over our paid search management a few months back and I am delighted with their service. What has impressed me most is the methodical way they have approached the whole topic and always with the aim of ensuring we have a better ROI. They have never advocated we throw more money at this, but much prefer to reach the full potential of our existing budgets before looking at other ways of growing. Having used several other companies we had become a little wary of people that could talk the talk but deliver very little. MediaVision however are a great example of people with very good brains, who work hard and are efficient -traditional ingredients for success. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them for their professional work as well as being a pleasure to deal with.”

Charlie Marshall – Head of Sleep