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UK consumers

Problem/ Brief:

This client appointed us to promote their website, in October 2007, a move that has improved their visibility in natural search exponentially, and enabled them to achieve success across a wide range of key services from “managed exchange” to “Business ISP”. We also achieved significant success for Star with their partner programme promotion. Overall the solution continues to grow and increase the relevant organic traffic on a monthly basis.
Given the overall success, it is often easy to miss the smaller success stories within the campaign. In this case, the smaller success story is MPLS.
MPLS is a key service to Star, as a single converted lead could generate hundreds of thousands of pounds per annum. It is clearly a key area for promotion within organic search. Star tasked MediaVision with the promotion of MPLS within organic search, and the success of the strategy is nothing short of astounding.

Solution/ Strategy:

Mediavision recommended a fresh start for our new client. New PPC accounts were set up in conjunction with a detailed SEO audit and landing page optimisation strategy. This would benefit the quality score and ensure synergy between the SEO and PPC campaigns.

The PPC campaign was tailored to allow far more control over spend on a more granular level. Campaign budgets were then re-allocated and distributed according to the profitability of the products.


The graph below shows the MPLS-related traffic achieved since we started focusing on the campaign in February 2008. The 815% increase is staggering, but the true value of the campaign lies in analysing what the searchers did after landing on the star website:


The conversion rate from the traffic was 1%. This may sound low, but when compared to the site average of 0.04%, it’s clear to see that this is a considerable achievement. The results were achieved by tweaking the marketing content around the offering and balancing the SEO needs with the more important marketing message.


Results of the organic search campaign include:

  • A per visit goal value of £226.73
  • ROI achieved a staggering 3300%

Paid search comparison
Over the same period a paid search campaign, which MediaVision did not manage, was conducted on the same MPLS phrases.

The comparison is even more stark than usual:

  • The conversion rate was one tenth of the organic search
  • The per visit goal value was only £20.33, 10% of the SEO campaign
  • ROI was a mere 300%

Why such a significant difference in conversion rate? In one word, it all boils down to trust; Google is the number one brand in the UK and in a technical market, meaning this trust factor is even more pronounced. Trust is a crucial factor and by listing at the top of organic search for the relevant phrases, that trust is transferred through to the website.
Star achieved 10 times the conversion rate in organic search that they did for paid search. Same content, same landing page, but a very different result. Once again, we were able to demonstrate the power of SEO to a valued client.

Client Response:

“Mediavision have provided us with a comprehensive and holistic route to search engine optimisation, their efforts have increased the traffic to our website and therefore the interest in our products and services. MediaVision also takes a keen interest in the overall website aspects and contributes meaningfully to increasing conversion rate and overall website performance.”

Doug Walker, Senior Online Marketing Executive – Star Internet