EMD Malta case study

Malta Law Firm

Sector: Legal services

Target Market:

Our client is a well established multi-disciplined firm based in Malta. They act as the legal branch of the company and deal in all areas of legal practice in Malta, including:

  • Tax law
  • i-Gaming
  • Financial services
  • Trust law
  • Corporate law
  • Intellectual property
  • Aviation and aircraft registration
  • Ship and yacht registration
  • Immigration and registration and many more.

Problem/ Brief:

When they signed up with us, our client was practising SEO in-house but not achieving the desired results, with rankings only reaching page four and five of SERPs. Having realised the power and benefits of SEO, they contacted us for assistance in re-affirming their status as a leading law firm in Malta.

The brief from our client was to increase quality traffic to the site by improving the rankings of five essential key phrases.

The client was also in the process of developing and launching a new website and needed an agency to consult with in order to ensure that the new website was completely ready for SEO.

Solution/ Strategy:

Despite taking on this challenge mid-way through the development of their new website, we immediately contacted and established a working relationship with those in charge of developing the site. It was essential that the new website was sufficiently SEO compliant and in line with the high standards that we set for every client’s online presence.

MediaVision also started promotional work despite the impending launch of the new client website. Bearing in mind the delays that often occur in web development (although luckily not in this case), we aimed to start improving traffic volumes and quality from the moment we signed our client.

Rationale/ Reasoning behind this Strategy:

By establishing an excellent working relationship with the client’s web developers, we managed to get the client’s brand new website launched promptly. The new site was not only SEO compliant, but also sufficiently conversion orientated thanks to our suggested content and design changes.


Improvement to traffic after three months:
After just three months of SEO implementation from MediaVision, the client’s website showed immediate signs of improvement as overall organic search traffic to the site increased by 61%.


Improvement to traffic after five months:

As of 1 February 2011 (five months after SEO implementation), overall organic search traffic to our client’s website had increased by 83%, despite the annual dip in web interest over the festive period every December.


Improvements to quality of traffic:

We understand that successful SEO isn’t just about rankings, so we focused on targeting all longtail qualifying keywords surrounding the five target phrases, and managed to get these ranking in no time. Ranking for more qualified keyword results means more relevant traffic reaches a site – and that’s exactly what the client is benefiting from now. In short, better quantity AND quality traffic translates to better ROI.


MediaVision helped the client to seamlessly launch a new website AND simultaneously increase traffic volumes by over 80% in just five months. We improved the site’s SEO compliance as well as the content, ensuring that they achieved substantial improvements in rankings, traffic, enquiries and ultimately revenue.