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Dickies Store – Digital Transformation

Case Study

How do you bring a slipping brand back to the top of the SERP’s in an increasingly crowded industry?

From a small family run business to a multinational corporation, the Dickies brand is represented in all 50 states of the US as well as across Europe, the UK, Japan, Russia and South Africa to name a few.
DickiesStore.co.uk, the brand’s official online distributor of workwear and accessories in the UK, had been enjoying top positions in the SERPs for several years running. That is until competitors started claiming prime rankings.

That’s when DickiesStore approached us to help reverse the slide.

Case Study Dickies Store – Digital Transformation

The Brief:

With the rise of DickiesStore competitors in the SERPs we knew we only had one shot to push back, and it required a total transformation of their underlying SEO strategy with a huge focus on brand building. Since we already knew that days were numbered for traditional SEO tactics, we immediately began developing a fully integrated creative campaign that included everything from Content Marketing to Social and Digital PR.


We knew exactly where we wanted to take DickiesStore and we knew how to get there. What we didn’t know yet was how good it was going to feel to smash every record we set for this campaign to smithereens.

The Results:

Our target for the year was 15% growth on 2012 figures. By November, their busiest month, we were trending 44% above the previous year’s figure, and 53% above the 2012 revenue figure. Boom!

  • 44%
    Increase in Traffic Year on Year
  • 29%
    Increase in Online Sales
  • 36%
    Increase in Online Transactions

The Details:

Strategy: From Workwear to Lifestyle Brand

Our brand building strategy revolved around a few core initiatives. First priority was to refresh the totally product orientated website and relaunch the inactive DickiesStore blog which had previously failed to gain traction. Next was to hit Social hard by reviving a product focused Facebook page and using it as a springboard from which to broaden the audience, encourage engagement and create interest. We achieved this by writing awesome blog posts, setting up great give-aways and reaching out to targeted audiences with useful, lifestyle orientated content.


A Website & Blog Overhaul

We updated the look and layout of the DickiesStore website with the goal of improving user interaction and conversion rate. Emphasis was placed on user reviews and USPs. We simplified navigation and added video content to product pages. Then we re-styled the blog and used it as a platform to publish lifestyle-centric content which would lead users to specially created pages on the main site – especially during campaigns.


How Dogs Fit into this Story



Research revealed that Dickies gear was useful to niche interest groups outside of the workwear industry, so among a few others, we ended up reaching out to dog lovers. After developing a bespoke landing page featuring products like rain gear, jackets, boots, wellies and hi-vis clothing, we started creating content for dog walkers. We connected with personalities on popular pet forums and blogs who gave us exposure by featuring products and doing give-aways. We also approached dog sanctuaries and shelters and gave them a platform on which to promote their cause. Why? Because everyone loves dogs.

A Massive Surge in Facebook Fans

With our plan firmly on course and a killer content calendar, we managed to steer the Facebook focus away from products and onto lifestyle. Doing this took the fan base from 2000 to well over 8000 followers in 6 months – and later on to 39 000! Because of this, engagement and reach increased significantly and we saw in an increase in traffic to the website and Social assisted conversions. Facebook is now one of the top 5 referral traffic sources for DickiesStore.


Creating Content DickiesStore Fans Love



A number of content based Digital PR and outreach campaigns have been rolled out since we started working with DickiesStore. One particularly successful one was the visual “Evolution of the Dickies Brand” which appealed to fans of vintage clothing and advertising. We created various pieces of content to support the concept and managed to build many successful relationships with various influencers and publications because of it.


So What did We Learn?

Simply this; Digital Integration Rocks!



“This concept had been floated for some time with the client and in March this year, together with team re-structures their end; they have been fully committed to assisting with rolling out all the required changes. Implementation was swift and the two teams formed a very good working relationship that really helped to deploy work smoothly. Naturally seeing these results come in and having had a hand in making it happen is most pleasing to both the client and us. Records being smashed week on week, month on month can’t help but please stakeholders!”


- John Macknay, MD of DickiesStore

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