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Case Study

DickiesStore.co.uk is the official online distributor of Dickies branded workwear and accessories in the UK. The Dickies brand has a rich history, established in 1922 as a small family run business evolving into a multinational corporation delivering a diverse range of quality workwear clothing.

Case Study DickiesStore PPC

The Brief:

DickiesStore approached MediaVision in the second quarter of 2008 with ineffective PPC campaigns that were internally managed. The PPC return on investment was under-performing compared to the SEO campaign, which was being managed by MediaVision. It was, however, difficult to track results, as the Google Analytics tracking process hadn’t been correctly implemented in-house.

After taking over the DickiesStore PPC campaign in mid 2008, our tightened PPC control led to less budget wastage on protective ranges that the client didn’t stock, and as a result, the traffic increased by 16%. Due to better targeting and the site changes suggested for SEO, the conversion rate increased by 17%, creating a 40% increase in revenue from paid search.


DickiesStore was naturally pleased with the results and the great working relationship we had managed to build with them in a very short space of time. However, we’re continuously looking to improve on what we’ve achieved, and we were determined to find ways in which we could further improve the DickiesStore PPC campaign in 2010.

The Results:

DickiesStore PPC Campaign achieved a remarkable 800% Return on Investment through our cutting-edge PPC campaign management.


Whereas the client’s SEO campaign is completely dominating the workwear industry for non-branded organic search traffic, DickiesStore is now also a clear leader in the supply of Dickies branded workwear throughout the UK, outperforming even the official Dickies workwear website.

  • 3%
    Improvement from already exceptional 11.5% bounce rate
  • 69.75%
    Increase in Ad Campaigns
  • 54%
    Increase in Click-Throughs
  • 53.16%
    Increase in Revenue from PPC

The Details:


Having built an excellent relationship with the client and gaining an understanding of how the workwear industry operates, we set ourselves the goal of increasing overall ROI from 600% to 700% on the DickiesStore PPC account by the time the industry’s sales peaked at the end of 2010.

We focused the entire PPC campaign solely on branded keywords, while the SEO campaign targeted solely non-branded traffic.


Rationale/ Reasoning behind this Strategy:

Branded search provides the highest quality traffic and this in turn leads to better conversion and greater ROI.

By testing different keyword combinations within the account during the year in preparation for the peak season, we were able to formulate a near perfect campaign in good time, while constantly improving traffic volumes, quality and overall ROI throughout the year.


November is one of the busiest months for DickiesStore each year, which is why we have compared November 2009 to November 2010 below. The results that were achieved over the course of the year and during the peak season for the workwear industry were excellent; all of which were achieved without any drastic fluctuations in budget.


Nov 2009 – Nov 2010

DickiesStorePPC Traffic Curve



PPC traffic to the DickiesStore site increased by 58.64% when comparing November 2009 to November 2010.

By the end of the 2010 peak season, we didn’t just reach our 700% ROI target, we exceeded it by achieving an overall PPC Return on Investment of 800% for our client!


“It was indeed a tough call to look to increase our investment with MediaVision as the “credit crunch” loomed but given the implicit trust we have enjoyed for several years now, we signed off the incremental budget increases. The concept/ brief was to mitigate our PPC spend in lieu of increased investment in SEO for a better ROI. Well, what can we say, other than, simply astonishing!


My only complaint is that they did not nag me harder a longer time ago. More seriously, we are profoundly grateful to Katia for the Account Management and notably Melissa for the superlative performance results achieved with PPC. Thomas and Louis head up a fantastic team who have become an intrinsic part of our successful operations. Indeed, with our Racing background, as I mused with Louis recently; if Dickies is our Lewis Hamilton and DickiesStore.co.uk is the McLaren, it is satisfying to know we have the grunt and the technical know-how of MediaVision behind us as our Mercedes. World class!”

- John Macknay, MD of DickiesStore

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