brand reputation



Target Market:UK consumers

Problem/ Brief:

Brighthouse approached MediaVision to address the outdated negative press that continued to hamper their brand’s credibility in the SERPs (predominantly Google UK). The negative press was largely limited to forums where the most recent comment was two years old. These issues were inherited by the current management team as the customer service levels have improved dramatically over their tenure.

The negative press was dominating 40% of all the front page search results for the “Brighthouse” brand search. This was clearly not ideal.


Solution/ Strategy:

On further analysis, we discovered that many more recent positive news pieces were not getting any front page coverage. We worked closely with Brighthouse and their PR Agency, Financial Dynamics, to map out a strategy and timetable that would not only reduce the presence of the negative articles, but replace them with positive press.


100% of negative press removed from page one of the Google SERPS. Mediavision replaced all poor press with positive news, resulting in an improved brand reputation for Brighthouse.

Our strategy resulted in an increase in the positive results in positions three to eight, as well as a reduction of negative results from four items to only one item. The only negative item that remained was the consumer forums which are notoriously difficult to dislodge. Progress was being made to dislodge this listing as the project ended. Our client was thrilled at the outcome of the project.