Assist 247


Paid search matrix website


South African clients looking for services online

Problem/ Brief:

Assist 247’s business model revolves heavily around large amounts of high quality traffic reaching their site and converting into profile views for each of their listed clients. We were presented with the challenge of improving the client’s overall PPC and organic search traffic, while keeping their online marketing budget steady.

Solution/ Strategy:

Our key strategies for this project involved:

  • Regular PPC health checks and optimisation of campaigns
  • Onsite SEO compliance checks and changes
  • Optimisation of onsite content
  • Heavy focus on online PR strategies to increase brand awareness while building quality links to the website

Rationale/ Reasoning behind this Strategy:

When we took over the client’s PPC and organic search campaign, we could immediately see that for a search matrix website, the onsite structure was not ideal and the campaigns for both PPC and search engine marketing were not targeting optimal phrases in the search engines.

With such a large client that relies on both PPC and organic search, we had to utilise many of our online marketing skills to bring all-round improvements to the Assist 247 website.


April 2008 – November 2009

Within the first 18 months of taking over the Assist 247 online marketing campaign, we not only improved the volumes of traffic reaching the website, but also improved the site’s structure to be more compliant with the way search engines crawl websites.

This led to an overall traffic increase of 149% (187% non paid organic search) from April 2008 to December 2009, more than doubling traffic volumes to the already very popular website.


January 2010 – January 2011

Having significantly improved traffic quantity and quality, it was going to be a challenge for us to sustain this remarkable growth for our client as our relationship continued.

In 2010, we tackled the task of improving the website’s traffic volumes by a further 42%, which meant that Assist 247 could reach a big milestone in terms of traffic volumes. Not only did we achieve this goal, we bettered it by improving traffic volumes to the client’s website by an enormous 53.32% over the course of 2010.



Mediavision’s balanced SEO and PPC strategies resulted in a phenomenal 283.7% increase in traffic to the Assist 247 website in a little over two years – almost tripling the amount of traffic the site was receiving before we took on the account.