Should You Bid on Brand with Paid Search Campaigns?

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When bidding on search terms, be it using Adwords, Adsense or any other platform, is it necessary to bid on your brand name? This is a question that has a lot of debate around it, usually with paid search marketers saying yes, and SEO marketers saying no. Let’s look at some pros and cons.


Brand/Competitor Affordability: The chances are that at least one of your competitors is going to try bidding on your brand name. Your competitor will pay more per click than you will,


Adwords Tip – Are You Bidding on the Keyword “Add Your Keyword Here”?

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Consider the follow post a short tip. Let it serve as a reminder to to all online marketers who use Adwords to always check your keywords before saving them to your Adwords account.

If you manage a Google Adwords account you will be fairly familiar with adding new keywords. It is a simple process, and is usually not time consuming and could probably be done in your sleep. However, that is exactly the problem. When doing simple tasks the mind tends to switch into automatic mode

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Ideas for Finding Negative Keywords for Adwords

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Any Adwords campaign manager worth their salt knows the importance of adding relevant negative keywords to their campaigns/adgroups. Adding negative keywords to campaigns and adgroups help eliminate your ads displaying for irrelevant searches or for searches that are too broad and not highly targeted to your products or services. Below are a few examples of how to obtain relevant negative keywords that will be beneficial to your account.

The best ways to find negative keywords would be through:

Logic: Logic dictates that your ads should not display for certain


New Google Keyword Tool: Our Views

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The upgraded keyword tool is making waves in and around the worldwide SEO community. The new ‘lower’ rankings for keywords that once commanded high positions on the keyword list are taking some getting used to. Although, if you scratch deeper under the surface of the new Google keyword tool then you will find gold – Google issued this statement regarding the AdWords keyword tool, “the previous version of the Keyword Tool provides search statistics based on search traffic and traffic from search partners,


Review Your SEO Strategies Regularly And Be Surprised At What Opens Up!

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Having an opportunity to thoroughly review some keyword data for one of my proposals while traveling on a train up to Sheffield, I came to realise that as much as we talk about regularly reviewing keyword data we just don’t actually do it enough! We all know that every month something like 20% of all searches are unique and have not been seen by Google in the last 90 days.   One only needs to have a


SEO Tips: Internal Linking 101!

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When it comes to dishing out top SEO tips, few are more important than advising on the correct use and implementation of internal linking. So many companies and individuals out there are so pre-occupied with getting quality links into their sites from reputable sites (which isn’t a bad thing) that they completely forget about the impact that good internal linking can have on a website. This article takes a look at why internal linking is so important and contains some top SEO tips on how to implement these links


Google’s new search-based keyword tool is a welcome aid for advertisers

Google Adwords recently released a new search-based keyword tool that will help advertisers discover which keywords relating to their services and/or products that they are not optimising their website for, and which may cause them to miss out on additional business as a result.

It’s a handy tool in that its results eliminate the terms you are already optimising for. If you have an Adwords account, and are logged in, then it will only display those keywords that your account is not currently advertising. One of the most convenient things about the