Playing Nice with the Top Heavy 2 Update

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Google is keeping website owners and the search world on its toes with yet another update to part of its search algorithm. The Page Layout Filter, which was introduced by Google in January 2012, is a governing method used to ensure sites and blogs saturated with ads above-the-fold are penalised for the ‘Top Heavy’ advertising method. The algorithm has not made changes to the role SEO plays in ranking pages, but more to the aesthetic architecture of pages inundated with ads.


It’s All About the Experience

Top Heavy


The Trusted SEO Tactics of That Cool Penguin

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A website is – by definition – a digital brochure determined to provide worldwide exposure for a company. However without the correct Penguin SEO tactics it is difficult to draw people to notice a company’s website when it is drowning in a sea of spammy content farms. The spam is reference to sites that misuse SEO and overcrowd their content with keywords, thereby saturating the high ranking spots within search engines.

So, how does a company increase the visibility of their website and make them stand head and shoulders above the competitors


What’s New in the SEO Zoo? How to Handle Google’s Penguin and Panda Additions

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Even the most experienced search ninjas cringe when confronted with the latest Google overhaul. Trusty SEO tools aside, the recent Panda and Penguin updates have succeeded in compromising the rankings of legitimate blogs and websites that were stuffing their content with keywords and spammy links. The result? Change.

Having some of the best SEO tools at our disposal, many professionals have learnt that the need to self-evaluate their list of best practices is an essential habit for remaining at the top of

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“SEO is Not Dead” is Not News

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“SEO Isn’t Dead!”
Looking at the triumphant little headline on yet another search marketing blog, all I could do was sigh and think No kidding.

Are we seriously having this conversation yet again, so soon? Really? Weren’t bloggers predicting the death of SEO back when Google first unleashed the Panda algo update? Doesn’t the same death knell sound every time someone at Mountain View sneezes? It’s amazing we SEOs get anything done considering our industry is continually either dying, pronounced dead or recovering from the shock of its latest


InboundWriter Highlights How Content Writing on the Internet has Changed

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The ‘death’ of traditional content writing has already come and gone if the pundits that warned blogs would spell doom are to be believed, but they failed to realise that there is already a great force that is influencing how we write on the internet; Google search. Search engine optimisation is finally gaining recognition as an art form to many internet experts touted as the genre of writing algorithm-friendly, highly clickable content.

Just as Prometheus stole the fire from the gods, so too has Sean Gallagher unleashed