Your Penguin Predictions: What will the New Update Bring?

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next-gen-penguinThe march of the penguins is endless it seems, and the world of search is braced for the impending update of the Google Penguin algorithm. Speculation has been rife ever since Matt Cutts announced that “the next generation of Penguin” was in the works during a presentation at SMX West; which areas will be the most affected by the latest update, and how should search marketers prepare for its arrival?

A post on Search Engine Watch predicts that all the data Google has gathered in recent months has


Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum: Search Marketing’s Under Panda’s Thumb

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search-marketing-algorithmArctic animals have made a huge splash in the search marketing sea over the last year and this has really tested the malleability of many an SEO agency and in-house search marketing officer. In a recent survey search marketers have come forward to name and shame who and what they feel is behind all of this.    (more…)


Unnatural Site Links Update Leaves SEOs Lost in Thought

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unnatural-site-linksIt’s no secret that SEOs and webmasters start biting their nails when Google makes major announcements, even more so when those cute animals (Pandas and Penguins) are mentioned. Now that the targeting of unnatural site links is added to Google’s hit list, SEOs are beginning to perspire – especially seeing as there is confusion over its implementation. (more…)


Four DIY Steps to Link Pruning

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In my last article I introduced you to the concept that may or may not have been coined ‘link pruning’ by SEO specialist Bruce Clay. I also predicted it would be a major trend that gets going with the intention of sorting out the rubble left in the wake of the penguin update. So now I give you the condensed step-by-step on how to undertake this gardening endeavour for yourself. It is important to note that unlike link building, link pruning is all about removing links


Google Algorithms, Penalties and Negative SEO-Busters

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google-algorithm At the recent SMX Advanced Conference held in Seattle, Matt Cutts, the chief in charge of web spam at Google had a number of interesting things to say about Google’s algorithm changes and alternative techniques being used to increase transparency in their actions against black hat SEO practices. Plans to offer a disavow link service for web masters was also spoken about, which had search marketers all ears.


With Google changing its Panda – and subsequently Penguin – algorithms so frequently, people have been asking


Google Takes Action Against Free Directory Sites

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When it comes to the relation of search engines and online directory sites, many may ask what purpose directory sites serve exactly.

Why have directory sites at all when it’s easy enough to just use your favourite site for finding what you need? Well there are those for and against directory sites and both have equally compelling answers.

For those who swear by directory sites, search engine spam and not being able to find exactly what you’re looking for is a good enough reason to


To Kill a Penguin: SEO Petition Against the Google Update

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What’s an SEO to do when Google, once again, makes changes to the search algorithm and threatens to render your years worth of SEO strategy redundant? Organise a petition online and attempt to get the Penguin Update euthanized of course! Well this is the action taken by one SEO Jane Dorpish, who claims that the new update by the internet search giant is killing off small enterprise and paving the way for domination by internet publishing giants such as eHow, WikiHow and Amazon.

The Penguin update to the Google algorithm