Google Launches “Me on the Web”

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Google recently announced a new service that is now available to all Google account holders. “Me on the Web” is supposedly a product aimed at assisting all Google users with the ability to more easily control their online reputation on the web via an easy to use interface that gives one the ability to receive alerts whenever their name or profile of some sort is mentioned. But in a recent post by Danny Sullivan, Danny reveals some interesting insights into what he thinks Google’s real motivation


Google Q&A: Panda Power and Mango Mishaps

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Earlier this month, the 2011 SMX Advanced conference got underway in Seattle, and Day 1 ended with a much-anticipated question and answer session between Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan and Google’s search quality boss Matt Cutts. Unsurprisingly, the agenda was largely dominated by that now-notorious bear, the Google Panda. In fact, Sullivan began the interview by revealing a large toy panda bear seated at centre-stage; a clear message to search marketing agency owners that panda-monium won’t be dying down anytime soon!

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Big kids play tug of war: how long will Yahoo! escape Microsoft`s grasp?

Think of contemptuous boy-children fighting in the schoolyard. The biggest, most feared bully in the class, Microsoft, has been yanking up the undershorts of the other kids for some time, and has inspired some retaliation, in the form of a gang-up.

Microsoft stands to gain a lot by sponging up Yahoo! into its online makeup. They want the search and social media power that Yahoo! have built, and can offer an incommensurate wad of their cash, stock value and the power of its application development. They have the home PC software market, but they want it all; they want