Not Provided 100% Of All Organic Search Queries – Now what?

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The day we have been dreading has arrived. `It was inevitable’ many would say, but now that it’s done, we need to work out “where do we go from here?” Google announced earlier this week that they have ‘secured’ all searches leading to organic search query referrer data to go

Considering that 70% of search queries are not provided anyway, maybe Google figured that they may as well take it that step forward and take it all away from us. They have what they want after all? Skibum at WebmasterWorld wraps it up rather nicely (and I tend to agree).


Using Analytics for Remarketing

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Most paid search marketers use, or should be using, remarketing within their Adwords accounts. Remarketing is generally regarded as an Adwords function, and does not play as big a role in Analytics. While this may be partly true, Analytics does offers some advantages, options and insights that Adwords cannot with regards to remarketing.

If you have setup a remarketing campaign you will know that it can take a dash longer to setup than a regular campaign due to the fact that remarketing lists and custom lists need to


Google Introduces Social Engagement Tracking in Webmaster Tools and Analytics

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Google last week announced the launch of 2 new social engagement reporting tools that have been included in Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. This comes shortly after the launch of “Me on the Web”, Google +1 and Google+ which have been great motivators of getting more and more people to sign up to a Google account, effectively giving Google access to a lot of the information necessary for enabling social engagement tracking in Webmaster Tools and Google analytics.

Let’s take a brief look at the latest


SupaDave’s Guide to Becoming an SEO “Expert”

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Welcome to my very own guide to becoming an SEO “Expert”. This “guide” is based entirely on my own experience and is to be used or abused as you wish. For the record, I am not an SEO expert just YET, but I now know what it’s going to take to become one, and I thought I should share this with anyone interested in taking on SEO as a career choice.

I’ve been involved in online marketing for about 3 years now, having started out touching on SEO

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4Q Survey Software – A Good Survey Software Option

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As an online professional who browses the web day in and day out, I’m not a massive fan of completing pop-up surveys. However; but if I’m approached in a non-evasive way such is the case with 4Q survey software, I tend to not mind doing it for certain websites. I recently managed to get one of my clients to implement a 4Q survey on their website and the results have been extremely insightful and have resulted in some large scale changes by the client.

The 4Q survey revolves around the four most important questions that should be addressed to all


Review Your SEO Strategies Regularly And Be Surprised At What Opens Up!

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Having an opportunity to thoroughly review some keyword data for one of my proposals while traveling on a train up to Sheffield, I came to realise that as much as we talk about regularly reviewing keyword data we just don’t actually do it enough! We all know that every month something like 20% of all searches are unique and have not been seen by Google in the last 90 days.   One only needs to have a


Tracking SEM more effectively

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New Google Analytics filters and methods pop up all the time from various sources. Sometimes the simplest of filters or tweaks within your analytics that are all that is needed to help you track your SEM more effectively and streamline your process. So, you have setup a large SEO campaign, traffic increases can be seen and all seems to be well, but are you refining your strategy effectively over time to ultimately show that much needed ROI figure?

Organic Search

Ranking reports are good and well, however, we all know that the SERPS change daily, even hourly and running ranking reports

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SEO – A Maturing Market?

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So, online ad spend finally overtook TV ad spend this year, but is the shift in spend gaining momentum or slowing down? Ecommerce growth estimates are forecast to slow (Forrester as quoted on business week) but that growth is still stealing market share from traditional ad spend.

At the beginning of this year, growth and spend for 2009 was predicted to fall somewhat as we all battened down for the long hard winter of recession.

I had a much gloomier picture in mind than what the actual figures to date reveal