What are you doing here?

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When in high school my brother wore his hair in a side sweep, at a time when that flick in the front and short back and sides was the hip regulation. He waited patiently, enduring ridicule, until he left school and the Emo kids took the stage. Whereupon, he cut his hair in the anti-fashion again. What does this serve to demonstrate? That my brother is one of us.

I, probably like you, write for a blog. I read a bunch of news sites and professional blogs, and occasionally comment on them. As part of my job I conduct online research, interspersed with news and SM forums (which supplement my attention span, I insist). I find cool posts, and horrible posts. But most of all, I interact with a bunch of people who are in fact surfing the same web circuits that I am. You found this post probably because you know the internet well and you know how to hop along the search wire. You know where to look for the things you want.

I, like you, have spent a large portion of life escaping categories (alright, avoiding categories). I get 90% of my information from the Internet, and have the habit of killing conversation with useless news (“Hey! Did you know that bananas are going to run out in ten years? It`s all about genetic mutation, if you think of all those countries in Africa who rely on banana cultivation…”). I also (oh man) correct people`s grammar when they`re mid-sentence. Like you, I don`t take information at face value, and I`m not easily converted to your point of view just because you describe it well. But I appreciate your saying it.

When you see something cool at a party you wish you had a camera so you could post the video on Reddit and see if your server crashes. You know how to be polite when replying to emails and making comments, and that`s because you understand the value in good old-fashioned netiquette. And even though you try not to use them, you know what ROFL and NSFW stand for. And when an annoying person asks you who`s ahead between that black guy and Monica Lewinsky`s boyfriend`s wife, you`ve been known to say FGI (effing Google it), babe.

What`s nice about you, is that you make up a community that`s ahead in communications and marketing in this pacy world. And it`s good to meet you. The friends that you make, and the niche that you are known in, is likely to protect you and assist you in your efforts to be a more knowledgeable and successful person. We all admire your ambition. Remember us when you`re up. And we`ll remember you when we`re up, too.

In the blink of an eye your reputation could be bust
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5 responses to “What are you doing here?”

  1. Sandy says:

    I found your example of a “horrible post” interesting.

    I had to effing Google ROFL and NSFW because I didn’t know what they were.
    I guess that means I’m so good at avoiding categories, I’ve avoided this one.

    Either that or I’m too damn ignorant for this job.

    I think that I’m going to go with the first option. It’s better for my artistic ego.


  2. PJ says:


    Nice post, Caitlin.

    You really hit the nail on the head in your analysis of who we are and what we do. However, you did not mention that sometimes, depending on what kind of forum you are on, the responses are not always great and encouraging. So it’s important to take the good with the bad. Develop a thick skin and a sharp brain. Then you slap them and show them they’re getting OWNED!

    PS: I don’t have a brother that wore his hair in a side sweep. Does that make him “weird” but not quite as weird as yours?


  3. Phil Smulian says:

    That reference to the banana crisis was posted five years ago, we only have five left of banana’s. Everyone off to Fruit & Veg.

  4. Dylan says:

    Geek is the new emo! 😀 awesome post.

  5. Murray Smythe says:

    I reject your establishment, and reassert my own…again

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