Social Media Penetration Grows in the UK

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It’s that time of year again; Social Media Week is nearly upon us and cities all over the world are gearing up for a number of exciting social network events and presentations. In the UK, social media professionals will be flocking to Scotland to participate in Glasgow’s Social Media Week – and it’s been rumoured that this year, the Scottish capital will be hosting the biggest SMW outside of the US.

Social Media Week in Glasgow will include more than 130 events, which will take place in venues across the city from September 19th – 23rd. Speakers from Google, Nokia, CNN and BBC will be participating in the 5-day celebration of social media.

With the world’s largest social media event for 2011 just beginning, statistics are rolling in about social network usage, and it appears that in the UK, social media sites are more popular than ever. According to a study conducted by InSites Consulting, approximately 37 million Britons (around 73% of the UK population) use social media sites on a regular basis. InSites studied social media usage in more than 30 countries around the world to put together these latest social media adoption statistics. Unsurprisingly, social networking juggernaut Facebook was the most popular platform among these 73 million UK respondents, with sites ranked in the following order of preference:

• Facebook 64%
• Twitter 24%
• LinkedIn 21%

According to researchers at InSites, this high rate of adoption (only slightly below the European figure of 74%), shows that social media has penetrated all layers of British society. For SEO agency owners in Britain, this serves as an indication that many consumers have begun making their purchasing decisions based on the information they gather during their social networking interactions. Another interesting finding was the fact that any new social networks would find it very difficult to compete with existing platforms; a staggering 93% of people surveyed are content with the existing platforms.

With three quarters of UK Internet users highly engaged in social media activities, SMW in Glasgow is sure to attract a record number of participants. Researchers say social networks are useful as a means of bridging the gap between consumers and brands, and this trend is only set to grow in the coming year.

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