Convert Your Customer Qualms into Sales – With the Help of Social Media

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Unhappy customer quote by Bill Gates

Social media was initially created with the intention to provide a platform for individuals to freely and conveniently share information and ideas with each other, regardless of time and distance. As platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ gained popularity, businesses started recognizing the monetary potential of these platforms.

Whether you have set up avenues for your business’s customer service on social media or not, eventually it will become a space for customers to complain about or praise your business. Social media has eliminated the restrictions of complaints departments. If your customers are unhappy, they will show it publicly,


The Digital PR Client Learning Curve

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Sometimes it’s hard to learn new things, and nowhere is this more obvious than when a client begins to dip their toes into the world of digital PR. Sure, with a great agency at the helm of their businesses’ PR forays online, they’re in good hands. But for those lovely ladies and gentlemen managing the account, this learning curve is one they see all the time.

The “I’ve Hired A PR Agency” Moment

The client went out looking and there you were, waiting to be a captain at the helm of their company’s PR. Well fasten your seatbelts one and all,


What Makes A Great PR Hit

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PR Factors Graph

PR as a whole can be a hard tactic for SEOs to take on. With Google’s recent spate of algorithm updates, the latest being the infamous guest blogging penalties, more and more SEOs are switching to Digital PR to improve their client’s rankings. This means learning a whole new skill set, with a focus on building brand relationships – which tends to be far trickier than the mere act of placing links on websites.

So The Question Is: What Makes A Great PR Hit?

A great PR hit is defined by a number of qualities. For traditional press, PRs look at


Adwords Dynamic Remarketing Essentials

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During the month of April we set up Dynamic Remarketing campaigns for a few of our ecommerce clients and so far we have seen excellent results, achieving a conversion rate of 8.33% for one of our retail customers, targeting “Shopping basket abandoners” (these are customers who initiated the purchase process but opted out somewhere along the line).

Dynamic Remarketing allows us to re-target these customers with a tailor made, specific message, encouraging them to “come back” and complete the purchase on our site. It is even possible to re-direct customers directly to the /basket URL, allowing customers to easily pick