Tweeting The Tube – Our Top 5!

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The first of two days of tube strikes in London disrupted the journeys of millions of commuters, with only limited Underground services running, and buses, trains and roads heavily congested. Frustrated travellers revealed the extent of the chaos on Twitter, with pictures uploaded which displayed severe overcrowding at stations, in the streets and on buses. Here are our favourite tweets:

1. Fighting for the cause

Fighting the cause

2. Crowded Waterloo Station

Crowded Waterloo Station

3. Early bird


10 Years of Facebook – How Else Would We Have Survived?

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facebook turns 10In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg sat in his dorm room at Harvard University creating what he hoped would be a social media platform to bring students together. Now, a decade later, Facebook is celebrating its 10th birthday in all its glory. At the moment, one out of six people worldwide use Facebook, many of them visiting and using it every day. With these numbers, I think it’s fair to say that life, and the world, would not be the same today without the social platform that started it all.

Life Before Facebook



Size Matters: The Importance of Measurement and Target Setting

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In the world of digital marketing, it’s easy to become complacent and place content on our social sites or blogs simply for the sake of crossing a task off our ever-growing to-do list or creating ‘content for content’s sake’. However, this simply isn’t good enough. If you want to maximise results for your client and achieve further successes, then there need to be goals in place for you to constantly work towards. In turn, these goals need to change and evolve according to the progress you’ve already made and the targets you hope to achieve.


2014 Super Bowl Commercials – The Ads That Will Make You Laugh, Cry and Cringe

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

The Super Bowl is the most expensive time slot for advertising, because it is one of the highest viewed events internationally, and this holds true despite the fact that American football is a predominantly US played sport. Brands that make it onto the Super Bowl have the attention of the whole world.  Media agencies have predicted that the viewership of the 2014 Super Bowl would show a sharp increase this year. Media expert, Brad Adgate stated, in an article published on Forbes, that the viewership of the ten NFL playoff games alone was 10% higher than that of last