2014 Super Bowl Commercials – The Ads That Will Make You Laugh, Cry and Cringe

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

The Super Bowl is the most expensive time slot for advertising, because it is one of the highest viewed events internationally, and this holds true despite the fact that American football is a predominantly US played sport. Brands that make it onto the Super Bowl have the attention of the whole world.  Media agencies have predicted that the viewership of the 2014 Super Bowl would show a sharp increase this year. Media expert, Brad Adgate stated, in an article published on Forbes, that the viewership of the ten NFL playoff games alone was 10% higher than that of last


I Heard It through The Grammys Vine

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Since Vine’s initial release on 24 January 2013, enjoying the Grammys has just gotten better. Once you sift through the mounds of #smackcam, #twerking, and #grindonme vines, there are interesting gems to find. Brands such as Pepsi, Columbia Records, and Sony Music Canada took full advantage of 6 seconds of video as they built up to the event.

#Halftime at the Grammys

As the official sponsor of the Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday, Pepsi seized the opportunity to ride on the buzz building up to the Grammys with a campaign, which looked at what a Grammy halftime show would be


DickiesStore – Social Media Case Study

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An integrated approach to digital marketing

neglected-bikeIn March of 2013 a significant transformation took place in the manner in which social media was being looked at by the team at DickiesStore. Up until this point there were a few postings on their Facebook page of the specials they were running on their products. There was no active company blog, although an attempt had previously been made but had been shut down because it was rather neglected.

Building a Community

MediaVision put forward a solid social strategy that was centred on building a community and


10 Signs Your Business Needs a Social Media Make-Over



For the past six months, I’ve had the privilege of looking after two business’s social media accounts at MediaVision. It would be fair to say that my social media knowledge has dramatically increased and I admit to definite levels of happiness rising when the likes and comments are rolling in.

Having a good social media presence is a fundamental building block for a successful business. Get it right and your business growth has the potential to sky rocket. But get it wrong and the whole world wide web has access to your mistakes. To make things easier, here are some