To Facebook or not to Facebook? That is the question: Part 1

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Almost every client of ours has asked me this question and it is a question that has run through most business owners & marketing execs’ minds. They think they need to be doing it, some are doing it, few people actually know what it is bringing them and no-one seems to be able to tell them for sure.

I recently was copied in on an internal client email that went something along the lines of “oh, by the way, we generated £6k of revenue from direct referrals from


Google’s Latest Search Quality Updates, Let’s Try Keep Up!

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The relationship between Google and SEO has always been both a turbulent and beneficial one, playing off one another and having sentiments of a ‘cat and mouse’ championship. There have been increasing updates performed by Google with its latest algorithm change, Goggle Panda 3.3 and now the latest search quality updates have become available. This month’s list of Google changes seems even more complex than usual but as optimisers, we need to maintain a certain level of information-based knowledge to always stay at the


Social Video Marketing & SEO: Moving With The Times

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As one debate loses a bit of steam, another raises its head to amuse, confuse and, eventually, prove its worth in the world of online marketing. This time it’s not between SEO experts but rather between companies and those who still swear off social video marketing rather opting to stick with traditional marketing. They need to be educated on how SEO fits into social video marketing and how the two meld to create a dais of pure marketing and advertising genius.

The digital world evolves faster than


Browser Wars – Internet Explorer Still A Dominant Force

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Despite making huge market inroads over the last few months and actually toppling the Internet Explorer market share for a day, Google has lost ground to the Microsoft browser in recent studies conducted over the past 3 months of 2012. After dropping almost 5% of the market share last year, IE has improved particularly against Firefox and Chrome and solidified with 2% growth as it continues to dominate the corporate user markets early in 2012. So what does this mean for SEO’s, developers and businesses?

While Firefox market share continues