Promotional Stunts at the 2014 FIFA World Cup

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Marketing and advertising should at its core always deliver value to consumers. Be it for entertainment or informational purposes, there needs to be some sort of value, otherwise your marketing tactics or campaign will go on unnoticed by consumers who are dazzled by competitor brands. Now we’ve seen some bizarre promotional stunts during past World Cups, but what have us marketers gotten up to this year? In our latest blog post we take a look at brands that have implemented successful promotional campaigns thus far and evaluate those who haven’t.

There has been uproar among Brazilian locals who see the


Social Media World Cup Success

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The 2010 World Cup in South Africa was one of the first international sporting events since the global explosion of social media. Since then, social media users around the world have matured in terms of setting the stage to make the 2014 World Cup in Brazil one of the biggest social media events of the year.

Back in 2010, there were those who used social networks to update and share messages. Japan’s 3-1 victory over Denmark was enough to set a new record for tweets per second, at 3,283. During the final, Twitter users were tweeting from 172 countries in 27


5 Tips For Coaxing Your Client To Make The International Leap

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5 Tips In Coaxing Your Client To Make The International Leap

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A company’s most important asset is its customers. Client service is a fundamental part of our jobs and it’s critical to the success of any business. At MediaVison, our agency really is an extension of our clients’ marketing team. We are fully aware of the fact that if we do not look after our clients, someone else will! We have built great client relationships that have been nurtured carefully over time. We grow with our clients and their success truly is our


PR and Its Tactics

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The rise of the digital age has turned PR on its head and caused the industry to rethink its tactics with regards to reaching out to journalists and influencers.  Traditional agencies refute the claim that the press release is retiring, whilst others rely on the telephone to communicate newsworthy stories to the press.  Then there is the powerhouse of social media.  Allowing you to connect with anyone from an A lister to your next door neighbour, the likes of Twitter and Facebook present the opportunity to complete a PR reach on a global scale, with just 140 characters and