Priceless Surprise with Paddy Power’s Latest PR Stunt

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The Irish Bookmarkers, Paddy Power, is well known for its controversial/risky advertising, and their latest stunt stole the show at the Brits red carpet. Two representatives attended the event fully kitted out as French techno act Daft Punk, and made it right up to the photo arrivals area without a ticket or an invite. After mingling with pop royalty, they surprised onlookers by whipping off their trousers (Chippendale-style) to reveal a fetching pair of Paddy Power’s famous Lucky Pants.

Their strategy appears to be paying off. In 2013, the Chief Executive of Paddy Power, Patrick


Jelly May Have Already Lost Its Jiggle

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Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, launched his new Q&A app Jelly this January. There were haters but it’s hard to deny its potential. It seemed to be a refreshing and interesting take to something we had seen tried before, e.g. Aardvark. Some peg it as the lovechild of Quora and Instagram.

Jelly looked like the answer

For me, it picked up the slack where Google Goggles couldn’t quite hack it. Many a time I have taken a picture using Google Goggles and the results are far


Tech Trendy – Fashion Brands & Digital Inspiration at London Fashion Week 2014

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nokia smartskirt

As the weather got worse and the roads began to flood, so some of the best designers from across the globe brought a touch of sunshine to the grey skies of London in this year’s Spring/Summer Fashion Week.

Dainty dresses and stylish shorts had us begging for summer as reporters gathered under their umbrellas to witness all that this year’s fashion week had to offer. Luckily for most of us, we didn’t even have to leave the house! Our smartphones and laptops meant that we could have a front row seat to all the action right in our living room.



Google Analytics and Attribution Modelling Guide

There is so much talk and hype about attribution modelling with combined digital channels. The channel pipes are getting more and more complex (before we even look at offline) – it’s become so important from a strategic point of view to understand each channel and what it delivers in an overall marketing mix. Budgets need to be delivered effectively and ROI needs to be increased.

All hail GA (Google Analytics) for introducing and enlightening our minds with attribution modelling, which forms part of their standard features. The development of this tool is fantastic but with the abyss that is