Twitter Profiles Directory: SEO-friendly Social Media

With rumours about the possible launch of a Facebook search engine doing the rounds, it looks like rival social media platform Twitter is determined to keep up; the microblogging site has launched a Twitter profiles directory tool designed to attract greater volumes of search engine traffic.

New Twitter Tool

The site’s profiles directory is an A to Z list of every account holder on Twitter (including those beginning with non-Latin characters). This new tool makes Twitter profiles more visible to search engines. While Twitter representatives have told


The Calm before the SEO Weather Storm

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Matt Cutts strikes either fear or admiration into those who know his name but it really depends on whom you speak to. For some his voice brings about with it apocalyptic change while for others it’s a song of sweet lyrics – the 220,000+ people following Matt Cutts on Twitter got front row seats as his voice spoke of a ‘minor’ weather report, mentioning that thing that sends most SEO pundits into a frenzy: ‘Google algo change.’

Fear Not

Now it should be made clear that he said (or


Requited Love? Twitter Offers Itself to Search Results Pages but how will Google Respond?

twitter-robots.txt-search-resultsRecent developments in Twitter’s robots.txt file have shaken up the social media platform’s relationship with search engines.

Being in the SEO industry in this day and age necessitates entering into an arranged marriage with the search results giant that is Google. As a paranoid spouse there is an inherent desire to follow its every movement whilst questioning its ever-changing attitude.

Search results vary depending on whether you push the right buttons or not and ultimately to maintain a solid relationship you have to resign to a position of subservience.


Google imposes


Timberlake’s New MySpace a Welcome Addition to the Social Media World

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new myspaceLast Monday the new MySpace social network was re-launched in Los Angeles by co-owners Chris and Tim Vanderhook and musician/ actor turned investor Justin Timberlake. The new MySpace is a massive revamp from the previous version, which has steadily flailed over the past few years and has been completely clouded by the dominant Facebook. However, with its sleek redesign, stringent privacy clauses and in uninhabited allegiance to musicians and music fans, the new MySpace is eagerly anticipating its slice of the social network pie. Although