Facebook Changes App Advertising and Sharing Rules

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We’ve pretty much all surrendered to the megalith that is Facebook; 845 million active users is an impressive chunk of the entire human race. With over 250 million photos uploaded and 2.7 billion likes daily, that is an impressive amount of data being shared every second of every day infinitum as Facebook exists; and the scary thing is it is still growing. One thing we can all agree on though is that application spam is almost as irritating as the steps it takes to block these apps cluttering


Playing Nice with the Top Heavy 2 Update

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Google is keeping website owners and the search world on its toes with yet another update to part of its search algorithm. The Page Layout Filter, which was introduced by Google in January 2012, is a governing method used to ensure sites and blogs saturated with ads above-the-fold are penalised for the ‘Top Heavy’ advertising method. The algorithm has not made changes to the role SEO plays in ranking pages, but more to the aesthetic architecture of pages inundated with ads.


It’s All About the Experience

Top Heavy


Google Authorship Replaces Metrics with People

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Having recently implemented Google’s Authorship Program on our own blog, it was quite a thrill seeing my fellow colleagues’ faces (all stud-muffins) next to their blog posts in search results.

90% of tech bloggers don’t use it, why should I?

Stats that were released at the end of September show that only 9% of tech bloggers have successfully added the rel=author tag to their sites. A tool that is known to make blogs and websites more visible on the SERPS in addition to improving click-through rates by 30%, Google


Twitter Profiles Directory: SEO-friendly Social Media

With rumours about the possible launch of a Facebook search engine doing the rounds, it looks like rival social media platform Twitter is determined to keep up; the microblogging site has launched a Twitter profiles directory tool designed to attract greater volumes of search engine traffic.

New Twitter Tool

The site’s profiles directory is an A to Z list of every account holder on Twitter (including those beginning with non-Latin characters). This new tool makes Twitter profiles more visible to search engines. While Twitter representatives have told