Adwords Audits – What To Look For

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At some point in their career an Adwords manager or consultant will be required to do an audit of a potential clients Adwords campaign. Audits are common place in search engine marketing, and it is vitally important to get the hang of which areas to look at and what to report back on. There are no set rules on which KPI’s and metrics need to be reported on, as requirements and strategy will differ per account. However there are some areas that will more than likely always


The Dawn of the New SEO Professional – Optimiser Supreme and Creative Genii

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As Nathan Safran aptly wrote in one of his most recent blog posts for Search Engine Land, the Penguin algorithm update left many SEOs with something of an existential crisis. With everyone struggling to define what SEO has become, the industry is sitting at the entrance to the “intersection of liberal arts and technology” – a reference to Steve Jobs (digital Einstein and Apple billionaire).The transition means that SEOs are having to utilise both the left and right side of their brain – the logical, analytical


SEO, Online Marketing & Industry News – Weekly Round Up – 11 January, 2013

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The new year is in full swing and we’ve found a bunch of cool articles and resources to kick off 2013.

This weeks’ (7-11 Jan, 2013) round-up of informative and valuable resources we’ve found on SEO, SEM, Social and latest developments and industry news.

What have you been reading? Please let us know of the great pieces you have found this week in the comments.



Google’s Advice for Admitting Reconsideration Requests for Flagged Websites

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What did you get from Google this festive season? Their employees were given stunning phones and tablets, but did they give you anything? They did actually hand out some sound advice for those with flagged websites, and overactive SEO fingers; an education on how to effectively get your site out of the ‘no-go-zone’ and back into the trusted rankings race. Get your reconsideration requests out, and take a walk through of an effective application, with the respected Matt Cutts.

Making Nice with Google

Was your website hit by Panda? Did